Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shooting Star

Well, before posting the final chapter of Perry Potcake, I thought I'd start off by wishing the Channel Swimmer a very Happy Birthday from da Auntie-doo!! Stay sober Kimberdoo and accept all doggy kisses that come your way!

Next, Radar is sleeping and it's silly to wake a sleeping baby for a picture, so no pictures of Radar today. And I've got no new Potcakes, so what to do, what to do?? As I re-read the paragraph from Perry Potcake about the shooting star, it reminded me of a picture I took back in 2006 on a beach in South Carolina. I loved the picture so much that I sent it to National Geographic's "Your Shot" contest and they selected it for the January 2007 online publication. So even though it's got nothing to do with dogs, I share my sandy shooting star as it arcs over the moon shell!

Enjoy the final chapter!!

Chapter 7
Perry Potcake & His Potluck Dinner

As I said at the very beginning of this story, everybody in Nassau knows about Perry Potcake and his famous Potluck dinner. And I certainly know all about it because I'm Princess of Potcake and I was there. In fact, it was my idea!

For after hearing the story of the Grand Gentle Voyage, I went home and cried and cried for seven whole days. I knew that the cloud that covered Perry Potcake's eye was the very same cloud that Nanny Crick had plucked from the sky for her original recipe and it allowed his wonderful imagination to infect us all. And I knew that we still needed Perry Potcake's wonderful stories.

Our world used to be a harsh and scary place, where Potcakes were not happy or brave or confident or even loved. Perry Potcake had transformed our world into a shining Kingdom filled with beauty, pride and noble Potcakes. The only one who remained in his original scruffy state was Perry Potcake himself.

And so it was that one day I called all of the Potcakes of Nassau to a meeting. With all the authority of a Princess I shouted to the crowd, “Who here does not owe his happiness and confidence to Perry Potcake?”

The crowd was silent for it was so.

Then I shouted, “And who here has done something to repay Perry Potcake for his great kindness?”

The crowd was silent for no one had.

It was then that I declared that a grand Potluck dinner would be held that very evening in honor of Perry Potcake. I also issued the order to all Potcakes to go forth and return with a great and delicious treat for Perry Potcake's Potluck dinner!

For the next hours, while all the Potcakes of Nassau went searching on every beach and in every dumpster and under every tree for great treats, I decorated the dinner table with twigs and palm leaves. I wanted it to be a truly wonderful surprise for Perry Potcake, but instead the table looked very ordinary.

As the hour neared for Perry's arrival, the other Potcakes began to arrive with their treats. First came Tripod Potcake, the Nobel Knight, but all he had found was an old beef bone, nearly chewed to bits. Then came Fur-Flea Potcake, Lord of the Fleas, but all he brought was a rusty, dented old pot. So it continued, one by one, that each Duke and Duchess, and every Lord and Lady brought only scraps and junk, and our hearts all dropped for we knew that Perry Potcake deserved so much more.

We arranged the scraps as best we could and when Perry Potcake arrived, I approached him with a tear in my eye. “Perry, you have done so very much for all of us and all we have done in return is to give you this Potluck dinner of scraps and junk.”

But Perry did not look sad and he did not look disappointed and he no longer even looked tired. Instead, he pointed up to the sky with his paw and our eyes all followed. As luck would have it, the day was just ending and the night was just beginning. As we all looked, the last sun ray of the day met with the first moon beam of the night, then disappeared in a flash!

And when we looked at the table, the twigs and palm leaves became flowing silk and brilliant flowers. The old beef bone that the Noble Knight had brought grew into the largest, juiciest, most delicious roast that had ever been tasted by any Potcake. The scraps brought by the Dukes and Duchesses were now steaming fresh fish and billowing breads. The junk brought by the Lords and Ladies transformed into gold goblets and crystal bowls. And all this happened before our very eyes.

As we all sat down to the great Potluck dinner, Perry sat at the head of the table; still scruffy and with a cloud covering his eye. Before him was the old rusty, dented pot that the Lord of the Fleas had brought. And somehow I just knew what had to be done.

So I knelt before Perry Potcake and placed the pot on top of his head. As I did, the rust grew into deep red rubies and the dirt grew into perfect pearls and the old dented aluminum turned into precious platinum. Before our very eyes at the most famous Potluck dinner in the history of Nassau, the old pot became a crown and Perry Potcake became the Great King of Potcake.

For every Kingdom needs a good King. And although magic can't work when you look, a wonderful imagination can change the whole world right before your very eyes!

That night, after all the Potcakes of Nassau had the grandest time and ate the greatest feast ever, King Perry Potcake went home to his Castle. And as he curled up to remember this perfect day, Nanny Crick waddled into the room with Papa Potcake at one side and his Princess at the other.

“All is right and as it should be now, is it not Perry?” she asked smiling.

“Indeed it is Nanny Crick. Indeed it is!”

The End!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


The Science Pundit said...

The shooting star picture is fit for a king ... even a king of potcakes.

Channel Swimmer said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Daisy wants a signed copy of the potcake book when it gets published. It's brilliant!

Lizzie said...

Wonderful story Chirstena, thanks for sharing:)

Cousin Laurie said...

One of the sweetest stories I've ever heard. I want a copy too when you get it published.

Marco said...

Wow, that was perfect. Thank you.