Monday, March 16, 2009


Well, somehow we made it. I wore black today in mourning of the death of my maternity leave. And Radar took 2 two hour naps in order to pass the time that mommy was gone and take advantange of mommy in the evening! And it seems that Fanny was happy to join in on the nap time. Good boy! Good Fanny! This is what I came home to...

So happy 3 month birthday sweet boy!

*Before moving onto the next chapter of Perry Potcake, we would like to add a disclaimer about yesterday's guest photo appearance by Daisy, the Channel Swimmer's potcake. We in no way meant to suggest that Daisy was the Lord of the Fleas. We only meant to feature a different dog each day and no other pictures arrived into our inbox. Abuela brought her camera with pictures of some real flea ridden potcakes, but we have no way of getting the photos off the camera. We here at Radar Love extend our most sincere apology to Daisy and to her mother, and hope that this disclaimer will prevent any legal action for libel against this organization.

**Since I have not yet received any more pictures, I've included a couple of miscelleneous dog photos that I have in my picture folders.

Chapter 5
The Noble Knight of Potcake & The Battle at Magic Rock Mountain

On another day, not very long after Fur-flea became Lord, I and most of the Potcakes of Nassau were gathered in a close circle listening to Perry Potcake tell one of his wonderful stories. That’s when we heard a terrible yelp and saw Tripod Potcake hobbling toward us crying.

Perry stopped his story and asked Tripod Potcake why he was crying.

“Oh Perry, I am a coward. Because I have only three legs, I am slower and more afraid than all the other Potcakes. Just now, some mean children threw rocks at me. I tucked my tail between my legs and ran away scared, but I could not run away fast enough and now I am hurt.”

Perry walked over to Tripod and licked the bump on his head where the rock had hit him. “Oh Tripod, can’t you see how brave and strong you are? Every Knight suffers small injuring when he goes to battle, but only the great Noble Knight of Potcake can walk away from a rock battle!”

The other Potcakes were all snickering and said to Perry, “Tripod is just a three legged dog and not a Noble Knight.”

Perry looked around with great surprise at all the other Potcakes. “It can’t be that you haven’t heard the story of the Noble Knight of Potcake and the Battle at Magic Rock Mountain?”

“No, we haven’t,” said all the Potcakes at once.

“Then listen closely my friends and I will tell you!”

See, when Nanny Crick's very first Potcake and his Princess had their first litter of 10 puppies, it was clear that something had gone terribly wrong with the original recipe. For these puppies were not confident and they were not brave.

One morning when a rooster sang “cock a-doodle-doo”, all the puppies ran into Nanny Crick's bedroom and hid under the bed whimpering in fear of the feathered monster on the fence post. On another day when a coconut fell from a tree, they scampered into her closet to escape the bombs that were falling from the sky.

“Oh my,” pondered Nanny Crick, “how could this be when my recipe clearly contained a gold star?” She waddled into the living room where Papa Potcake was sleeping, for that is what the first Potcake was now called. She gently removed his hat and carefully looked inside. Sure enough, there was the same gold star stuck to the bottom of the pot. It had not cooked in!

Now Nanny Crick knew that if she didn't do something quick, that all the Potcakes forever and ever would be shy and afraid. She thought and she thought until she knew what had to be done!

She went outside to find a rock that was exactly the size of her fist and she painted it with sparkling gold paint. She then asked the strongest of her 10 grandchildren to go to the highest point in all of Nassau and throw the rock straight up as hard and far as he could.

And so it was that Nanny Crick and all the Potcakes and all of her 10 grandchildren went to the highest point in Nassau, which was really just an ordinary hill. Her strongest grandchild threw the rock up with all his might and it soared up and up and everyone tried to see how high it would go until Nanny Crick reminded them not to look, “because magic can't work when you look,” she said.

It happened at exactly noon just as the Sun had climbed to the highest high point in the sky. As a gentle summer breeze blew by, the Sun grabbed its gust and threw it down to earth as the greatest wind to ever blow. And just as the great wind was about to meet the golden rock, it disappeared in a flash!

Meanwhile, down below, Nanny Crick and her 10 grandchildren and all the Potcakes had gone home. All except for one. For the smallest and the shyest of all the Potcake puppies had fallen asleep at the very top of the hill.

And sure enough, when nobody was looking, the golden rock shattered into a million specks of golden dust. And the mighty wind, like a skilled seamstress, weaved a golden coat, so thin and so soft and it gently floated down to earth and wrapped itself around the tiny Potcake while he still slept.

When all the other Potcake puppies noticed that their shy and tiny Potcake brother was missing, they all went to the hill and found him sleeping in a beautiful golden coat. Just then, a group of the meanest children in all of Nassau came by and began to throw rocks at the 10 puppy Potcakes. The 9 puppies were all so scared, but they had nowhere to run or hide because the mean children had surrounded the hill.

Then one very big rock hit the sleeping puppy Potcake and woke him up. To the astonishment of all of his brothers and sisters, and to the bewilderment of all the mean children, he did not try to run but he told all of the puppies to hide behind him. As each rock was thrown, he stepped in its path and his golden coat protected him and all the others from great harm.

The battle lasted for three whole days and when it was over the rocks had piled so high that the hill was now a mountain. The mean children were so tired that they went home crying and never again threw a rock at any Potcake. And after that, Potcakes were once again brave and confident as they were always meant to be.

That is how Perry Potcake told the story of the very first Noble Knight of Potcake & The Battle at Magic Rock Mountain. And that is how Tripod came to be known as the new Noble Knight of Potcake and he was never again afraid and no one ever again teased him for only having three legs.

(Stay tuned for Chapter 6 tomorrow...)

Now for our guests in order of appearance; Barack Mojito, some street dog I came upon in Amsterdam, my mom's puggle Captain Barney and of course, the Lady and the Tramp.

Lots of Love,
Titi and Radar


Channel Swimmer said...

I love your sleeping Angel! Radar is cute too.

Daisydoo appreciates the clarification. She is not litigious, and sees no reason that this matter could not be settled outside of the courts. Perhaps a simple settlement of tummy rubs and table scraps could be reached, payable by you or a legal representative such as da mama (da fwiend to you, da grandma to Daisy, da godmother to Radar).

The Science Pundit said...

ZOMG!!!! Barack Mojito drinking a mojito is precious!

*Nothing against Fanny, Cappy, Retardo (well, maybe), or the Disney dogs.

Marco said...

I have to agree with the science pundit. Between the jig and the mojito, I think I've filled my cute quota for the day. And to think I have to go home to Xavier saying "I wuv yu". My heart can barely take it...