Friday, March 13, 2009

A spectacular play date

No doubt about it... Radar has a new best buddy!

Not only is Omar super cool to hang out with, but he has so many really cool toys and he likes to share! The only cautionary note is that Omar has a pretty big wing span and when he's excited he tends to throw some inadvertant punches... but we just made sure that there was enough room for some flailing and it was all good! Thank you Sarah and Omar for hosting such a fun playdate! We can't wait for the next one.

Now back to the whole Potcake subject... thank you all for your suggestions for possible illustrators and the great idea to hold a vote! I love it. Originally when I wrote the story the idea was to have an artist from the Bahamas illustrate it since it is set here. I also thought it might be a bit easier to get it published and distributed here if a known artist illustrated it. And I actually have a friend artist who signed on, but his very busy schedule seems to have made it impossible for him to sit down and commit the time to this labor of love. So I may end up pursuing your other suggestions... but maybe first you should read the story to see if you think anyone would want to dedicate a single moment to such a silly project!

So here goes... Chapters 1 & 2...
Perry Potcake & His Potluck Dinner

Chapter 1
Perry Potcake & His Potluck Dinner

Everybody in Nassau knows about Perry Potcake and his famous Potluck dinner; at least all the other Potcakes know about it. And I certainly know all about it because I'm Princess of Potcake and I was there!

But for those who maybe haven't heard, I'm happy to tell you the whole story and I'll start from the very beginning. I suppose I could start by telling you where we live.

Perry Potcake and I and all the other Potcakes live here in the Bahamas. We live on a little island called New Providence, but we just call it Nassau. On our island, the sun always shines, the sea is always blue and the sand is always soft. But maybe we shouldn't talk too much about that right now because you are probably scratching your head and wondering...

“What in the world is a Potcake?”

Well, I always like to use Perry's explanation because Perry Potcake tells stories better than any other Potcake in the world!

Chapter 2
Nanny Crick & the Very First Potcake

See, Perry says that a long, long time ago, a most kind and wonderful grandmother named Nanny Crick wanted to give her 10 grandchildren a puppy dog for Christmas. The problem was that there were no puppies at all in Nassau. As luck would have it, Nanny Crick was the best cook in all of the Bahamas and everyone said that she could cook up anything at all.

So it was that one day Nanny Crick opened her cupboards and pulled out 4 ingredients.

The first and most important was sugar so that her puppy would always be sweet to her grandchildren.

The second was coconut milk so that the puppy would be strong and run fast.

The third was a strand of Nanny Crick's hair so that the puppy would have enough fur to keep him warm on chilly nights.

The fourth was a gold star so that her puppy would be confident and brave.

Finally, Nanny Crick reached up to the sky and took a little pinch of a cloud because she wanted to make sure that her puppy would always let his imagination guide him through life.

Nanny Crick placed all the ingredients into her magic pot and started stirring them together. She mixed them for two whole days until her arms were so tired that she couldn't turn the spoon even once more.

Then she placed the pot outside on the ground and made all of her grandchildren promise that they wouldn't look because, “magic can't work when you look,” she said.

It happened just at the moment when the sun was going down and the moon was coming up. The last sun ray of the day and the first moon beam of the night met each other just above the pot and then disappeared in a flash!

And sure enough, when nobody was looking, a furry paw poked out of the pot and then another. One minute later a tail popped out and wagged at the world. Then the front legs wiggled out. And finally a long nose with ten whiskers sniffed the air and two brown, round, curious eyes peeked out from under the pot.

Nanny Crick and her 10 grandchildren loved and cared for their new Potcake every day after that.

That is how Perry Potcake tells the story of the very first Potcake. He says that's why even today, all the Potcakes are still sweet and fast and furry and confident and brave.

(stay tuned tomorrow for Chapter 3)

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - The Channel Swimmer's comment got me thinking... since I'm posting this story without illustrations, maybe some of you with Potcakes (ie, rescued mutts) could send me a picture or two to the e-mail address on the sidebar. I could feature your handsome and beautiful dogs in the upcoming posts... just a thought (mom).


The Science Pundit said...

Luv the motif!

Channel Swimmer said...

I love love love the potcake! My Daisydoo is a potcake and she is perfect in all ways!!!!