Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thank you

I want to thank everyone for their kind words about my Grammy. My mom and I, and all our family really appreciate it. We're a little sad that she has passed because it's always sad to lose family. But mostly we're very grateful that she got to live such a long life... she celebrated her 50th wedding anniversary before losing my grandfather 22 years ago. She did not outlive her children. She got to meet her great grandchildren. She kept her mind to the very end. She stayed in her own home to the very end. She was 94 years old. That makes for a very blessed life that any of us would envy. So, rest in peace Grammy... we'll take it from here!

As for the rest of life, which does indeed go on, we did go to the dog show on Saturday and my mom had her first go as handler. We are convinced that the show was fixed since Fanny did not win or place. But it's all the same to her... she received an "also ran" ribbon and she believes that means she won! You try telling her different and see her reaction.

And finally, yesterday was another milestone day for Mr. Radar... and not a good one. Our little friend has his first minor ear infection (all at once say, "Awwwwwwwwwwww, poor little guy.") He's on antibiotics and the doctor suggested I start putting saline drops in his nose to clear him up a little (seems he's got a tiny bit of a cold too). But outside of that, the doctor was very happy with his growth and development. Radar talked to the doctor about his finding (things like, "baaaaahhh, ahhhhhh, uh, baaaaahhh,") and the doc was impressed by how vocal the little monkey is at this stage. So, even though we're a little knocked down by infection, it hasn't dampened the mood and we're very optimistic that Radar will be back on top of the world in no time!

Oh - and he weighs 13 lbs 2 oz! Exactly on the average line.

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


Anonymous said...

Long conversation with your Mom today...she is very tired but doing well.Peter and Javier will be there soon and then she can relax a little{ The phone is ringing all the time!}
Take care of the little patient...
Sandi in Searsport

The Science Pundit said...

Get well Radar!

Channel Swimmer said...

I'm very sorry about your granny, but I'm glad that she got to meet Radar.

The dog show was clearly fixed, or else the judges are incredibly stupid. Sneakers certainly thinks Fanny was the prettiest dog at the show.

Angela said...