Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tummy time & more Perry Potcake

I've heard from a couple of other moms with 3 month olds that their babies are not big fans of tummy time. As for Radar, well... it's a bit hard to discern how he feels about tummy time. He doesn't seem to mind. It's more of a curiosity for him. But neither does he seem particulary amused.

However, he has a new trick where he rolls over from tummy time onto his back... all by himself. And with this trick, he leaves little room for guessing as to how he feels about it!!!

And now for the next chapter of Perry Potcake... I haven't yet received any Potcake photos from any of you to post, but that's ok because I think you'll be able to guess who the inspiration for this chapter was without too much trouble... here goes.

Chapter 3
Perry & the Beautiful Princess of Potcake

But this is not a story about the first Potcake. It is the story of Perry Potcake and his Potluck dinner. And to tell the story well, I have to tell you that most Potcakes used to think that Perry was nothing more than a dreamer.

Because the truth was that most Potcakes weren't always sweet. And most Potcakes weren't strong or fast or furry or confident or brave. That might still be the case today if it weren't for Nanny Crick's little piece of cloud that gave Perry Potcake his endless imagination.

I think maybe it's important to tell you a little bit about me and how I came to meet Perry Potcake.

My name wasn't always Princess of Potcake. In fact, even though my real name was Patty Potcake, all of the other Potcakes teased me and called me Piggy Patty since my nose is flat.

I met Perry Potcake on my birthday when I was having the worst day of my life. My best friends, Tripod Potcake and Fur-flea Potcake had given me the biggest, juiciest, best birthday bone that anyone had ever seen or smelled!

But before I could even have one tiny taste, a whole pack of the meanest Potcakes in all of Nassau ran by and grabbed my bone.

Tripod, Fur-flea and I set off to chase them. But no matter how fast we ran, the other Potcakes were just a little faster.

We were about to give up when we noticed a scruffy brown and white Potcake standing right in the middle of the road ahead of us. As the pack of Potcakes came closer, the mysterious dog didn't move, so the group had to split in the middle to go around him.

That's when I saw him up close for the first time and that's when I noticed that he was looking right at me and that one of his eyes was completely covered by a cloud. And then, to everybody's surprise, he folded his front legs and bowed his head to me.
“My beautiful Princess of Potcake, I am Perry Potcake. Will you do me the great honor of touching my paw?”

I couldn't speak or move, so one of the mean Potcakes shouted out to Perry, “she isn't a Princess! She's Piggy Patty!” And all the other mean Potcakes laughed.

At that, Perry Potcake did look up and turned his head to the crowd in disbelief. “It can't be that you don't know the story of the first Princess of Potcake?” he asked.

“No, we don't,” said all the Potcakes at once.

“Then gather around my friends and I will tell you!”

See, when Nanny Crick made the very first Potcake a long, long time ago, she had added just a little bit too much coconut milk and because of that, her Potcake had a very long nose.

It was so long that whenever he would run, he would bump into every tree and every house and even every one of her 10 grandchildren.

Nanny Crick knew that one day her Potcake would be a father and that if she didn't find a mother with a flat nose, all the Potcakes forever and ever would have long noses and would bump into everything.

She thought and thought and finally sat down to write a letter. When she finished, she asked her Potcake to seal the letter with a kiss and then she rolled it up into a bottle. Nanny Crick and her Potcake and her 10 grandchildren all went down to the beach and they threw the bottle as far as they could into the blue, blue sea.

Everyone tried to see in which direction the bottle was floating until Nanny Crick reminded them not to look, “because magic can't work when you look,” she said.

It happened the next morning, just at the moment when the moon was going down and the sun was coming up. The last moon beam of the night and the first sun ray of the day met each other just above the horizon, then disappeared in a flash!

And sure enough, when nobody was looking, a beautiful white wooden canoe, decorated with streamers of silk and sails of seagulls, floated toward the shore. And when it landed, a most beautiful golden Princess dog with the flattest nose anyone had every seen walked onto the soft sands of Nassau for the very first time.

After that, all the Potcakes always had medium noses that didn't bump into trees or houses. But never again was such a beautiful flat nose seen in Nassau – not until today that is.

And that is how Perry Potcake told the story of the very first Princess of Potcake and that is how I came to be known as the new Princess of Potcake. After that day, no Potcake ever teased me again and the words Piggy Patty were never spoken again.

(stay tuned tomorrow for Chapter 4)

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


The Science Pundit said...

The second tummy time picture is beautiful. But then there's the flower pug. Hmmmm.

Lori said...

Potcake story... charming.
Princess Potcake photo... humiliating.
Picture of Radar laughing... priceless!

Poor Fanny - that face says it all! She and The Alien are going to join forces someday and kidnap your camera. (Gosh, what would I do without my daily dose of Radar Love though?)

Jenna said...

How did Mr. radar get so darn cute!!!