Friday, March 6, 2009

The two Rafaels

Oh Yes! What an opportunity for our lovely Fantango!! Indeed, our girthy girl will be competing in The Bahamas Kennel Club's 28th International Dog Show (she has no interest in the obedience part). See, we have the luck of living on a small island where the majority of dogs are mutts (known as Potcakes here). So the Kennel Club, in order to fill the ranks of its dog show must be very liberal with its entry criteria (they even have a Potcake category). Unlike the snooty AKC that discriminates against altered, overweight and spoiled pugs, the BKC will welcome Fanny with open paws. So we'll spend the next two weeks aggressively preparing our Super Star! Any advice is welcome.

On the Radar front, I finally opened one of Radar's gifts that we were given a couple of months ago (and that he can't actually play with until he's at least 3) and poof, all of a sudden there were 2 Rafaels!! I could barely tell them apart, so I started tickling both and found the real Radar.

If there's a cuter hairdo on this earth, I haven't seen it!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


Jenna said...

Thats a cute do, I could just squeeze those little cheeks

Radar's Mom said...

Science Pundit... please don't tell me that you let Uncle Stefan scare you away from leaving the first comment?

The Science Pundit said...

No, I'm just losing my touch.

Channel Swimmer said...

I think YOU should go to obedience school to learn how to follow Fantango's commands and better cater to her whims.