Monday, April 20, 2009

Big, BIG News!!!

What you ask? Is it this?

Ok, so that's good news... Tio Claudio (soon to be Padrino (aka Godfather)) arrived and that's good. But that's not the big, BIG news! Is it this?


Well, that's at least big news... I mean Radar sort of sat on his own (or folded in half forward, not sure which). If he'd been sitting straight up, that certainly would have meritted a big, BIG announcement. What could it be? Radar, do you want to tell everyone?

I guess I'll just blurt it out...


So no more worrying... we have ourselves a long term solution for Radar, and both we and Maria are very excited! She cried when I called her today with the news. And the best part is that Maria was the one who recommended Rita. They're good friends and Rita has promised to drop by frequently (plus, I think she adores my delicious little bug and the fur fluff we all know as Fantango)!


Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


The Science Pundit said...

Radar has a nanny! YAY!!!!!!

Jenna said...

What great news!! Im so glad Maria is able to come and work. Tell Radar congrats on sitting up, he's such a big boy!

Anonymous said...

yea,,,good,, i'm happy too,,,
but rafita,,,have many friends, babysiting him.

hugs and pugs

Lizzie said...


Tia Sara said...

That's great news Titi,
when does she arrive?

Cousin Laurie said...

Congrats on all fronts! I know the nanny issue is an enormous relief!

Marco said...

Congratulations on Maria's visa! I was beginning to give up on Bahamian immigration!