Saturday, April 4, 2009

New things

Saturdays are fun days because mommy is home all day and we try to get out to find adventures. Visiting Omar, for example, is always an adventure! Radar will have to resign himself to always being Omar's "little" friend because no matter how much or how fast Radar grows, Omar has him beat hands down.

Anyway, one of the many great things about visit Omar is that he really does have so many cool toys and assorted baby things. Today we tried out Omar's sling, one of his bouncy seats and his Bumbo. Now, Radar actually has a Bumbo seat that his uncle Nate and aunt Wendy gave him, but it hasn't gotten here yet since it's been at Mum-mum's house and we won't get it until her next visit later this month. So it was particularly important for us to try that out so we would know what to expect...

Well, you know how sometimes when you first try new things, it's hard to tell what to think?

But then, wham! Just like that, you love it! That my friends was how it went with the Bumbo... we can't wait for Radar's to get here!!!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

ps - In case you didn't get a close-up view of Radar's face in the second Bumbo picture above... what a silly boy I have!


Nany...Angela said...

we had a NIce week together.... play alot, talk all day..and had FUN..

love you,,,,miss you


TaraMac said...

Bumbos are the greatest. That Radar is so sweet!! I can't wait to meet him...!!!

Anonymous said...

I loves these pics!