Friday, April 17, 2009

Cuba, here we come????

Radar happenings are a bit sparse on work days, but I promise that tomorrow will bring big news with two big events that Radar and I have on the calender. I hesitate to say too much because one of the events takes place at 6:30am and if I decide to weasel out of it I don't need the extra shame of admitting that here! For today, I thought I'd segue to another topic... one very much in the news. Most of you that follow Radar Love know that 25% of the blood coursing through Radar’s sweet little veins is sangre Cubana! And that’s because many of you following the blog are either 50 or 100%’ers in this same category... obviously I’m a 50%’er because Abuelo is a 100%’er. And for those of you that didn’t know this, I’ll give a very, very quick recap.

Once upon a time there lived a family named Pazos in the country of Cuba until the tail end of 1959 when they scaddadled under the pretense of moving to Spain under an official Ambassador post, then emigrated to the good ole’ USA (mostly). Fast forward 50 years to 2009. Of our branch of the family (parents, children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren) none returned or visited that island country until last year when a couple of members visited (I dare not reveal who)! And now, after 47 years of a policy that has not worked (usually I try something new after 20 or so years when something isn’t working, but hey, I guess our government had more patience than I have), it seems that things are changing fast!

I need not bore you with the details since I’m sure most of you know that Obama lifted some travel and money restrictions, and now Raul Castro has said that he’s willing to sit down and talk about everything (prisoners, transparency, human rights, etc.). That is a VERY BIG change from Cuba's former posture toward the US. I see this thing snowballing soon! If Cuba simply makes a few gestures of good faith, I think the US Congress and our President will happily and quickly pass laws to lift most, if not all, of the embargo...

And as soon as that happens, Radar and I are hopping on the first flight to Havana… Anyone care to join us??? We will try to spend some of the Cuban currency we have laying about (dated
1959 with Radar's great-grandfather Felipe Pazos' signature as President of the Bank)...

or we might visit Puente Felipe Pazos (not the same Felipe Pazos... even older, but still cool that there's a bridge with the name)...

So anyone wanting to start fantasizing about a group trip to Cuba in the near future, just drop us a line... we're in!

Lots of love,

Titi and Radar

PS - WE DID IT!!!! THE BIG 10,000!!! I can't believe it (even if 1,000+ hits are mine!)

PSS - The Science Pundit owes me an explanation!


Tia Sara said...

Your dates are a little off. Avo was president of the National Bank of Cuba since its inception in '49 or '50 until 1952 when he resigned in protest of Batista's Coup d'Etat. The family lived in and out of Cuba in several exiles, some voluntary and some not so voluntary. We returned in January of 1959 and Avo returned to his post as president of the National Bank of Cuba for one year under Fidel. Since he did not seem to be in agreement with Castro either, we left for another exile in 1960. So that bill you have is either from before 1952 or after 1959. Hope you don't mind my clarifications.
Congrats on the 10 K hit. It's really very impressive. One of my diversions recently is hitting the Next Blog button on the header of the page just to see what else is out there. I am impressed

Tia Sara said...

I apparently hit the word maximum.
I am impressed with how many Brazilian and Spanish blogs there seem to be, some of them extremely artsy fartsy. But most of them have 3 or 4 thousand hits and one or 2 followers. Way to go!
Tia Sara

Tia Sara said...

Never mind!!!! I reread the post and you are basically correct!

Marco said...

Frank called Science Pundit to see if he had made it home safely, and inquired about the photo. Apparently S.P. was vague and gave no explanation at all. Hmmm...

Radar's Mom said...

I was really excited when I saw there were 4 comments already because I thought one was sure to be the SP explaining the pic... But instead it was the Tia Sara going nuts with the Cuban history and then not even committing to joining us on our fantasy planning for the trip!!!

But really, I never mind being corrected because I am often wrong when it comes to remembering things. It was indeed a 1959 Cuban peso with Avo's signature.

Waiting now on the Science Pundit's explanation!

A.N. said...

is HE a real Doctor Now,, after all this years,,??? he look's Great,,

abuelito,Angela,Mime said...

we going with You an Rafita..... Grandpa..Angela and Mime=== we can stay and Emilio's house,,,,GREAT.

rah rah rah..

Uncle Stefan said...

I am in on the trip to Cuba!
And concerned about S.P.....Hot Nanny in uniform and you don't read from him for a while....DNA????
Unlce Stefan

Tia Sara said...

Hey I'm definitely in!
Tia Sara

The Science Pundit said...

That was the Friggatriskaidekaphobia Treatment Nurse, who along with the anti-superstition doctor, cure people of their fear of Friday the thirteenth. I thought everybody knew that.