Thursday, April 16, 2009

Skip ain't just a dog's name

Yikes! You might have noticed that Radar's mom was negligent and skipped a day yesterday... a very rare occurance here on Radar Love. I was all ready to post a little something, but we had our baptism class last night at 7:30. The Deacon didn't show until after 8:00 and class didn't finish until 9:00. Big deal, right? Well, for this mommy, that is a VERY big deal these days. 9:00 is not only way past Radar's bedtime... it is also way past my bedtime! My new routine is to bathe Radar at 7:00 and have him in bed by 8 or 8:30. I crawl into bed with him and pick up a book to read. Usually by the second paragraph my eyes are playing tricks and drooping. Since Radar was born I've only read one book (not including the kiddie books I read to him). I finished "The Last Lecture" just last week... it's a book that normally would have taken me a day or two to read and it took me 3 weeks to get through it. But I'll tell you more about that later.

As for today, I want to apologize for skipping a day. But I wasn't the only one skipping. Since we last spoke (wrote... whatever), Radar has skipped from his Pack n Play bassinet to the full play pen (he reached the bassinet's weight limit and it was starting to seriously droop under his weight).

He also skipped from his infant car seat to his new big boy car seat (which he loves because he sits up more and can look around better)!

And lastly, he skipped from Elmo to Ernie... yep, size 2 diapers to size 3! One giant overflow poop on Monday decided that issue. And judging from the pictures on the new diaper package (both the little Elmo in the corner and the baby), maybe he won't be skipping for real soon, but he will be cruising!

That's it for now. Gotta run to work.

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

ps - More evidence that my "baby" is more of a "little boy" now!

pss - It looks like today might be the day we hit 10,000 on the counter! The Science Pundit was the closest on his guess, so he'll win the $10 gift certificate and I just know that he'll use it to buy pictures of Radar!!!


The Science Pundit said...

Woohoo!!He's skipped to Ernie? Before long, he'll be in Big Bird. :-)

Tia Sara said...

Don't be too eager to skip so much. He'll be in high school before you know it! I got the birth anouncement and Graycliff bull coasters from Angela yesterday. The coasters are going on my bull wall at work.
We are enjoing the Science Pundit's visit, but are missing you and Radar at Washington Cottage and Potomac.
Tia Sara

Marco said...

Ooooh, I have the perfect mojito to put on my bull coaster if I get one! If not, the birth announcement sure sounds like a keeper!

Lizzie said...

Tia Sara is right you know, before you can blink they are at school:( How I miss my girls when they are at school! Having said that you don't think they can possibly get cuter, but every week they do something cuter than the week before!!!

It is only in this last year have I started reading again, I was an avid reader pre children, and I have to say they put a hand brake on that for awhile, but I am now visiting the library regularly...

As for the sleep thing I am still in bed very early, 9.30 is a late one for me, how did I used to go out all night and then go and work, I will never ever know, I must have been barmy!!!