Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Special sort of day

I know that I promised you two major events today, but I believe I also foreshadowed that one event might not come to fruition. And so it seems that the little Nostradamus in me was speaking because that 6:30am engagement didn't pan out! We did get up at 5:20am, but I've got to remember that things aren't like they used to be. Everything takes much longer! It used to be that I could roll out of bed at 6am, quickly throw on some shorts, a shirt and sneakers, then give the dog a very quick walk before hopping in the car and making it to a 6:30 start. Now it seems that even with an extra 40 minutes I can't come anywhere close to making that time line. For starters, I can't walk Fanny without Radar because I can't leave Radar in the house alone... and Radar wakes up hungry and his first feeding of the day is the longest. In hindsight, I should have packed his diaper bag the night before, but I didn't. So, when 6:15am rolled around, I still wasn't dressed and Radar fell back to sleep so I called it quits on the plan which had been to attend a 5k charity walk... we'll plan better next time!

We did however make the second event which was the more important of the two anyway. Some years back when I lived in Miami, I volunteered a few times with the Special Olympics. It was always such a rewarding and fun experience. So last year when I got wind that there was a program here as well, I jumped in again and started doing some swim coaching for the team. I loved it and the athletes seemed to like me! The swim team doesn't practice in the winter months, so my pregnancy was timed perfectly. When we showed up today, the athletes were all very happy to meet Radar and to see coach Christena back.

Sorry the pictures aren't too good... next time I'll shoot with the sun behind me!

There's a lot to learn from these very special athletes. They try hard and they're competitive, but they're not disappointed if they don't “win” because winning is redefined in their book... winning is each small accomplishment... having a good practice or a good dive off the block or even a good lap of backstroke. My favorite part of the workout is when I get a bunch of wet hugs after practice. I love these guys and am really happy to be back coaching them. The National Championships are at the end of May and that's what we're training for now, so I'll keep you posted and certainly post more about the actual games!

Lots of Love,
Titi and Radar

PS - It looks like Radar's not the only one with a crush on Rita!

PSS - Big heads rule!!!


The Science Pundit said...

Pretty soon you'll be coaching Radar.

Channel Swimmer said...

Rita is so dreamy....don't tell Jason, but I have a major crush!

Lizzie said...

Wow, you are a Mum, work full time and you coach swimming...... you go girl! I feel tired just thinking about it all.