Monday, April 6, 2009

The story of Radar

Although in terms of dreaming and planning, Radar's story started earlier, his real story... his biological story began one year ago today! So it isn't a birthday, but it is his very first “one year” anniversary of anything. Because one year ago, an egg that had been spit out by one of my ovaries was met by a sperm from Radar's biological father and the wild division party began.

It would be another 17 days until a home pregnancy test would tell me of his existence, although I didn't know it was a “he” yet.

It would be another 4 weeks before I would see Radar for the first time... he would only be 1/10th of an inch long, but I would see his little heart already chugging on a highly amplified screen.

It would be just over 9 weeks until I would find out that it was a “he” and that he had exactly the number of chromosomes he was supposed to have... 46.

And of course, it would be 8 months and 10 days until I would finally meet my darling miracle face to face.

So even though it's not a birthday celebration, I'm celebrating today because one year ago my darling boy's story began and oh, what a story it has been so far... and oh, how I look forward to watching his story continue to unfold for many, many years to come!

Happy conception day Radar! Mommy loves you so, so much.

Titi and Radar

PS - As for actual birthdays, here's a big shout out to cousin Isaiah Darwin in Denver! Happy first birthday little man!!


The Science Pundit said...

Happy Birthday Isdar.

Okay, that sounds too much like Ishtar. Happy Birthday Isiah!

xxxxxx said...

Now is three 3.Darwin in the Family???
happy birthday Isaac

Lali said...

Happy Conception Day!!!! I can't believe that it has been a year of Radar growing from itsy bitsy cells to tiny winy baby boy! I love him so so so much! Kisses from Chicago!

Tia Lali

Jenna said...

Happy conception day!! Ours was june 13 2005, isnt it so funny how we remmember these days! Give that beautiful boy a snuggle for us

Lori said...

Christena, You truly inspire me. Thank you... I am so glad I have your happy ending to carry in my heart.
Much love, Lori

Anonymous said...

Happy Conception Day little Radar! And thank you Titi for bringing this little miracle into all our lives. We love you guys!

Happy Happy... Marco

Tia Sara said...

I thought the immaculate conception day was Sept 8, or is it Dec 8?
Love to you and Radar
Tia Sara