Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Sunday in pictures

Who said hanging at home with mommy and the pug on a Sunday was boring? First mommy fixed my hair so that I looked extra handsome.

Then while mommy baked muffins in the kitchen, I supervised from my new supervisor's chair! I'll admit that I wasn't always paying attention to what mommy was doing since I had other important things to study.

After that, I thought I'd practice petting Fanny on my Fanny dummy. Mommy lets me drool all over the Fanny dummy and she still won't let me drool on the real Fanny...

...but it'll happen soon... as soon as I can figure out how to move on my own a little better.

And after all that work, it was finally time for my nap. See, we're sharing a pillow, so what's the deal with the no drooling on the pug rule!

Well, I'm glad I could help mommy out with today's post.

Lots of drool,


The Science Pundit said...

That supervisor's chair is dangerously close to uncle Stefan's stash!

Fanny dummy = cute

Channel Swimmer said...

Fanny is an angel. It is so nice of her to share her pillow with an alien.
I want more pug pictures! Is Fanny planning to do another summer video series? I bet she would let the alien costar.

Anonymous said...

HE IS SOOOO CUTE! I want to eat him up!