Sunday, April 26, 2009

Then why do it?

Before telling you a bit about today, Radar's Baptism day, let me preface everything with this...

Yes, I am lactating, I wore a dark green shirt and I forgot to stuff some breast pads into my bra. That is why in most of the pictures you'll see later in the post, I have Radar's receiving blanket draped over me to cover my squishy, leaking boobs. That's embarrassing, so I wanted to get that out there so we could just move past it!

Then there's this...

Lali brought Radar a bunch of new outfits and she insisted that Radar try them all and that we take pictures. I have no objection, but after the second change of clothes (the Banana Bandit), Radar did have some objections and the modeling session was called to a premature conclusion. The next outfit our friend was to put on was his white tux and shades for the big event... the Paparazzi went nuts as soon as we got into the car!

Then of course there was mass and the Baptism itself... but before I move onto those pictures, I wanted to address a question that more than one person has posed. Those who know me at all know that I'm hardly a devout Catholic... so why baptize Radar? I categorically do not believe that a child who is not baptized will go to hell and that is principally because I categorically do not believe there is a hell. I also have big issues with the Catholic Church specifically and organized religions in general. But I won't go into that here. Instead I'll just answer the "then why do it?" question.

First, I like tradition and I like reasons to celebrate Radar.

Second, I think life can be a little easier if you have a religious identity. Radar is officially Catholic now, just like I have always been officially Catholic. I went to an all girls Catholic school where I got a very good eduction and having that religious identity (even though I was a pretty bad Catholic way back in primary school already), I think made things easier for me.

Third, even though I'm not a huge fan of the "big" religion, I am a very big fan of what a church can do on an individual or community level. On the community level, churches feed the poor, care for the sick and provide company for the lonely.

Fourth and last for now is that I want Radar to have something that has been so wonderful in my life - I want Radar to have godparents who love him like family. I am so lucky to have godparents who, because they are my godparents, are my family. My godparents were Cuban friends of my parents when we lived in Boston (where I was born). They were good friends and maybe we would have kept in touch, but maybe not. We moved away from Boston when I was very young and yet because they were my godparents, I have always known them as my family. I want Radar to have that and I think that I picked two people that will give him that.

So that's my short explanation... now here are some photos from our wonderful day. Radar spent more than three hours in church today (2 for mass and 1 for the Baptism) and he never cried! He was a trooper and in my strong opinion, the best looking of the 10 or so babies that were Baptized today. I've also included just a couple from the after party which, despite her comment in yesterday's post, was all the poorer for not having had the flavorful and fun presence of my Tia Sara!!!

And finally, I just want to thank Radar's new godparents... my best friend Gail and my dear amigo Claudio! Thank you a million times over for flying here for today and for loving my precious son. I love you both!!!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - For the Channel Swimmer... I will address your very important gifts in a separate post. They are far too important to just mix in with this post!


Jenna said...

It looks like you all had a wodnerful day. And what a great thing to have enough milk to feed Radar and soak a shirt:)

Lizzie said...

Hi Christena, I loved your post today, firstly because on many occasions I too soaked shirts when I was breast feeding all my babies,(it mainly happened at the supermarket checkout counter when another baby would cry and I needed to get home to feed mine)! So that made me chuckle and remember those times! We also Christened all our girls, I am not religious, but John's Mum is (an Irish Catholic) and very devoted. It made her happy, which is good, and you are right it is nice to belong and celebrate these special times. The photo's were great, you all looked like you had a fabulous time. Well done Radar for not crying once in 3 hours, I was very impressed!

aNGELA said...



Cousin Laurie said...

What a nice day! I have the same reservations you do about the organized church, but all three of mine were baptized. It has been interesting to see how each one has taken, or not taken to it. It is a base, a foundation, and you are right it us ultimately about the community.

Blessings to you and Radar. And hugs to your Mom.

The Science Pundit said...

Is that his first Guayabera??? :-)

Tia Sara said...

Mamina and Avo were not exactly good catholics but they had us all baptized for almost the same reasons you had. They not only wanted us to have a madrina and padrino, but they wanted to have compadres. To be someone's compadre or comadre is very special (I don't think there is a word in english for this, is there?).
I have been somewhat lax in the religious education of my own ahijado, the Science Pundit, but have always felt honored to be Abuela Chris' comadre. Fortunately for the SP his padrino could take up some of the slack.
Besos a todos
Tia Sara

The Science Pundit said...

@Tia Sara

"Fortunately for the SP his padrino could take up some of the slack."Point in fact: at Grammy's funeral, there were exactly two family members who abstained from receiving communion--SP and his padrino. :-P

Tia Sara said...

@ The Science Pundit

" :-P " Does this mean the SP is sticking his tongue out at his madrina?

Radar's Mom said...

@ Tia Sara

Nope, it means that the Science Pundit has a fat lip from where Radar's Mom punched him for giving his madrina lip. Oh, and Abuelita comadre sends her love!

Anonymous said...

I miss Radar so much!!!! I had a wonderful weekend abd so much fun. I loved the mass, I love all of you family and friends, and most of all I love may best friend and my Godson more that anyone can imagine. Thank you for allowing me to have the honor of being Radar's godmother. By the way I think that Claudio is a terrific godfather and a wonderful person so I am glad that he is in this with me. Hugs and pugs and kisses. I miss you.
da fwiend

Gail said...


The Jews said...

Mazel tov!