Monday, May 4, 2009

Atlantis, Sweet 16 and lovely Dolly

Our non-stop long weekend is finally drawing to a close and I'm really pooped. Radar made his second trip out to Atlantis last night and he was awake and alert this time.

We rolled him up to the aquarium where he had the chance to see a giant stingray...

and hypnotic jellies...

and fanciful sea horses...

But the only thing he seemed interested in was the blue octopus!

Not even the ancient sea diver or his red dog chupi could distract him from his blue pulpo.

As for today, despite my skepticism from yesterday's post, Angela and I arrived at the US Embassy this morning at 9:30am and walked out at 11:20am with a new US Passport. So we dashed home, Angela packed her bags and we dropped her off at the airport within the hour and off she went.

Then it was time to rush to Radar's 4+ month doctor's appointment for his second round of immunizations. The Bumbo made our wait easy and when we got in to see the doctor, Radar tipped the scales at a clean, sweet 16 lbs!!!

And finally it was time to spend our last afternoon with Amparo and lovely Dolly (yes, that IS Dolly and she IS lovely, both outside (duh) and inside). We partied at Sr. Frogs and at home. Even Fanny got to enjoy some girly time with Dolly when they caught a quick little nap together on the couch.

I'll wrap up this post (which I'm typing with one hand since the other is cradling Radar, who is coked up with infant Tylenol to stave off the creepy effects of the immunization shots). And I'll leave you with this video of Radar's two new favorite things... Dolly and high pitched squealing!


Lots of love,
Titi & Radar


The Science Pundit said...

The pictures of Radar with the balloon hat(and Amparo) and Radar with Dolly are both absolutely precious!

The Science Pundit said...

And the picture with the blue octopus and the "Fanny bag" is also special.

Angela,,,Nana said...

I like the pictures:
1- Radar and Dolita,, and
2-Dolita and Fantango...very cute,,,