Monday, May 11, 2009

Change of strategy

It occurred to me that I screwed up a bit yesterday. I didn't post until after Radar went to sleep and as I've mentioned before, that's my blogging routine. Last night that turned out to be after 10:30pm and in that post I wished all you moms a happy Mother's Day when there was only 1.5 hours left IN Mother's Day. Wouldn't it have made more sense to post the night before a special event? I think so.

So we're going to change strategy and try to post the night before a special event so that when Tio Eduardo logs on to check Radar Love first thing in the morning (Dardo... this is the first place you come in the morning, isn't it?) he'll see that we are wishing him a very, very HAPPY BIRTHDAY today (actually tomorrow)!

And as you can see Dardo, Radar has already mastered the fine family art of the inside joke... for everyone else, the Bombay Sapphire gin is a gift for Tio Dardo because it is SO him (also part of the inside joke, so don't worry that this makes no sense and isn't funny... Dardo, Radar and I are laughing)! On a more serious note, I can't believe that my little brother and godson is 27 years old... that makes me feel very old.

We love you Dardo! Enjoy your special day.

That's it for tonight - as things stand now, it looks as if tomorrow's topic will have a curly tail, a flat nose and bad breath... yes, I'm aiming to do a pug related post.

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - Psych! The post isn't finished because of this...

That's right, Dardo's isn't the only 27th birthday in the family. Tio Rafael's wife also turns 27 today (tomorrow)(and it might not be her first 27th birthday, wink, wink.)! Happy Birthday Tia Vivi. We love you and are SOOOOOO happy that you're moving back stateside from South Korea and Radar can't wait to meet you and the kids!


Lali said...

Happy Bday Eduardo and Vivi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bucket loads of hugs, pugs and kisses!

Love, Lali

The Science Pundit said...

Happy B-day Dardo and Vivi!!!

You've got Radar in your thumbnail. Awwwwwwww!!!

pAZOS Gang and Mojito said...


y de corazon , y de corazon y de corazones,,,,
FELICITACION,felicitacion, Felicitaciones.

BIG 27

Abuela said...

Happy Birthday Eduardo. However, I can't help but think that Bombay Sapphire, along with Thunderbird wine and Mogen David chasers, could be a very sick inside joke indeed.
Love, Chris

Abuela said...

Ooops, to Vivi, a more sobering Happy Birthday, and welcome back stateside. Love, Chris

Tia Sara said...

Feliz cumpleanos Eduardo!
I will deliver to Vivi in person tonight; maybe get a cake. She has been in the DC area looking for a house but will go back to Korea tomorow. Love the new strategy.....I would have missed both....
Tia Sara