Friday, May 29, 2009

Peace be with you

On this Friday night as Radar and I are recovering from our colds, we've decided to just pass a peaceful night at home. And why not? After all, our last name is Pazos and in Spanish "paz" means peace. So I guess you could say that a Pazos piece is peace (how much wood would a woodchuck chuck?) Anyway, to promote peace, we broke out a new pacifier since a "pacifier" is one who makes peace.

But in the end, Radar thought that it would be best to revert to his yellow ducky pacifier and as he drifted off into a peaceful sleep, he wished us all peace.

At least that's what it looks like to me.

So goodnight to all and "peace out!"

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

ps - There may be a prize if someone can drag out the pazos piece is peace line into a full tongue twister.

pss - On her blog, Jenna posted some videos of her son Logan at his swimming lessons and he's doing great, so I thought I'd post this picture of me when I won my first swimming trophies... please note the very high-tech speed suit! Move over Michael Phelps. Keep it up Logan - swimming is by far the best sport in the world!!


The Science Pundit said...

A woodchuck would chuck
all the wood he could chuck,
if a woodchuck could chuck wood.
But an original Pazos tongue twister is definitely a worthy challenge.

Dardo said...

Pepe Pazos picked a pack of peaceful pilsners.
A pack of peacful pilsners Pepe Pazos picked.
If Pepe Pazos picked a pack of peaceful pilsners,
Where's the pack of peaceful pilsners Pepe Pazos picked?

Anyone who knows Pepe Pazos, knows this isn't much of a mystery.

Jenna said...

Thanks for posting the picture, i will show logan in the morning. I dotn think he knows you can get a trophy from swimming! Thanks for your comment, we are constinatly amazed by our little guy!

The Science Pundit said...

Was that picture taken at Mamina's house in Bethesda? Because otherwise I don't recognize the garage.

Antonio said...

Eduardo... what are you trying to say? That Pazos rhymes with alcoholism? I think not! For example, I haven't had a sip of alcohol in over 27 days! Take that AA's. Just ship alcoholics to Iraq, that's my answer. Free of charge, paid by the US Army.
On a different note, I can't rhyme worth of crap so i'm not going to try a nifty rhyme.
Hey titi... I got 3 followers on my blog! I'm most definitely catching up :)

Radar's Mom said...

@ Dardo

peaceful pilsners... hmmm... my experience with this family is that pilsners don't pacify but rather liven things up... I like it and so far you're in the lead.

@ Science Pundit

Mamina's garage in Bethesda indeed. I even remember having the picture taken... I was very, very proud!

@ Antonio

I saw your three followers... you even got one that I don't have yet (your dad). I guess that Pepe Pazos prefers tanks and shit smelling deserts to strollers and shit smelling diapers!

Marco said...

Pretty plastered Pazos Prince puckers pickled pacifers peacefully in La Paz.

It's too bad mom's on vacation in Sicily, she lives for this stuff!

Tia Sara said...

This was actually my comment on Antonio's blog where he shaved his head, but it is somewhat of a tongue twister:

Porque Pazos prueba perder pelo prematuramente por propio parecer?
Pues porque puede podarse perfectamente!

Anonymous said...

Ode To Fanny

Prancing Panting Fanny Pazos Pees in pastures. Funny fuzzy playful furry friend. Pooping patties in fairly problematic places.

Frequently famished puppy, frolics fancifully in fields. Precious Pazos partakes of familiar pacifiers while passively plopping in peaceful places.

Oh Fanciful Fanny Pazos fondly befriend felines.

Frank goldFIELD