Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pug post postponed

This really was supposed to be the pug post I've been promising. The problem is that the star of my post took an unexpected turn toward the bizarre. I sometimes think that I'm a sort of creative, even artsy person. I think of a project in my mind and I can see just how my project will turn out. Then we get down to the actual "doing" of the project. That's when I start to cut corners and play fast and loose with details. I guess I do the same thing when I cook... what starts off as a very fancy omlet almost always ends as some sloppy scrambled eggs.

So it is that a small project that I had envisioned as one thing, turned out quite as something else. Let's call it Project Pug Puppet. With a sock, buttons, felt, needle and thread, I set out to create a big eyed pug sock puppet that looked somthing like Fantango. Radar loves toys with big eyes - you can always get a smile out of him by just flashing him Mr. Weeble or Pulpo because they've got big bright eyes. I envisioned how cute it would be to catch Radar, Fanny and the puppet in a photo... maybe the puppet would be tickling Radar while the pug was attacking the puppet while Radar was laughing his awesome little laugh.

My first obstacle were the buttons... too small... and I sewed them too close together for a pug. Then I couldn't find the black felt that I was sure I had somewhere. Then the whiskers looked really wrong. And finally I just plowed through with all thoughts of approximating a pug long gone. I topped the project off (literally) with some kind of Indian hat. So, it is not a pug.. in fact, I have no idea what the heck it is, but please welcome the first home-made craft that I have made for Radar. Poor guy has a long and embarrassing childhood ahead of him with me as his mother!!!!

Maybe I should leave these projects for the weekend rather than banging them out on a weeknight. Oh, maybe someone can help me with a name for my puppet. Tomorrow I'll try it out on Radar and see if he's at all interested.

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - Guess who is pretty much sitting on his own for minutes at a time before toppling over?


The Science Pundit said...

A Mardi Gras dog?

Anonymous said...

Dick Cheny?

Sandra In Searsport

Tia Sara said...

He reminds me a little of LambChop.
Maybe LambStew?
Tia Sara

Anonymous said...

how about ..