Saturday, June 27, 2009

Assorted Saturday Stuff

There's something I'm really eager to share, but I haven't been able to catch it on camera. I'll keep the camera handy and I'm sure I'll be able to snap this allusive thing in the next few days, so please stay tuned!

So I guess for today, as time permits, I'll post some random stuff. When I say "time permits," I obviously mean as "Radar" permits. So I'll start with this question. What do you do on a Saturday afternoon with a baby who desperately wants to sleep, but wakes up and cries every time you try to put him in his crib or playpen?

Answer: You let him sleep in whatever spot he falls asleep... this afternoon, that happens to be on the monkey rug on the floor.

Now here are some other questions that I won't give you the answers to and I'll see if anyone is savvy enough to guess.

Question #1: What do you think is going on here?

Question #2: Is Radar's head really that big or is it an optical trick?

Question #3: What is the pug looking at here?

Question #4: What sound accompanies this series of pictures?

Well, how do you think you did? I'll post the answers tomorrow and with some little bit of luck, maybe I'll be posting that other thing I mentioned at the beginning of this post.

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - For those of you that didn't catch Lori's comment on the Kermit videos post, check it out. If you have a heart, it will make you cry!


The Science Pundit said...

1. He's being cynical because you have Bill O'Reilly playing in the background.

2. Obviously an optical illuson; only Antonio has a head that big relative to his body.

3. You're feeding Radar.

4. Pfffblblblblblffttt!

Dardo said...

The answer to question 4 is : "pththth"

Anonymous said...

1. Wow, my tummy feels so better after that...Mommy...?

2. It matches perfectly with the rest of his body, we just wanted a close up of his shana punum.

3. "Is, is that morsel for me ma'am?"

4. The Science Pundit best when he said "Pfffblblblblblffttt!"

Antonio said...

1. Taking a crap
2. Ditto on Javier. Remember, it was I who, at age 3, had a head the size of my 16 year old brother.
3. "woof woof wooooof"
4. Yea... Javier got it rigth the firs time.

Abuela said...

#1.Do you have one of those super cruiser diapers handy?
#2.yes, optical illusion. His head is actually bigger.
#3. How many of those 4752 did you say were of me?
#4. Not enough sibilants,guys: