Monday, June 1, 2009

Bring on the stink

I didn't post yesterday because yesterday was cumulative... several days of a cold and several nights of not enough sleep accumulated and I couldn't find the energy to post. It certainly wasn't that I didn't have stuff to post... I did. After all, it isn't every day that Radar flies on an airplane. And even though it wasn't the first time he'd flown, it was the first time he'd flown at the tail end of a cold and the difference was noticeable. Noticeable to me, to every person on the airplane and I think it may have even been noticeable to people in the boats floating thousands of feet beneath us. As soon as the plane lifted off and I felt the pressure change in my own congested sinuses, Radar began a 15 minutes non-stop fit of the most pathetic and heart wrenching screaming. I tried the pacifier, bottle, boob, singing, rocking... nothing helped... but after 15 minutes, he collapsed into merciful sleep and didn't wake up again until we landed.

Sorry for all that... it was a long way to get to my point. My point is that Radar made his second trip over to Grammy / Mum-mum (who still hasn't decided on a nickname)'s house.

And despite a very action packed day, Radar still didn't let me sleep through the night and I woke up still feeling pretty beat up. It isn't that Radar is sick... he seems to have very little outward evidence of his cold. But for the last couple of weeks, Radar has gone from sleeping through the night with one brief 'nibble on the boob' break to waking up a few times for longer boob sessions. He also seems to be eating more frequently during the day. The only thing I can figure is that he's hungrier and that makes sense to me... after all, he IS my son!

So this morning we all climbed into the car and headed over to my favorite playground.... Target! Radar thought it was fun too.

And what did we buy? Well, lots of stuff, but for the purposes of today's post, we'll just hone in on this one purchase...

So even though I had been determined to exclusively breast feed for 6 months, I'm jumping the gun and starting Radar on some other tummy filling stuff two weeks early. I figure it's not so bad since I mix the rice with breastmilk anyway.

And I was pleasently surprised to see that Radar's very first eating session started pretty well...

... and only got better...

Finally, for the last five and a half months I've been bragging that Radar's poop doesn't stink. But maybe those days are over... maybe, but if my baby likes to eat and if it allows me to sleep a little bit more at night... well, if that's the price, then bring on the stink!!!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


The Science Pundit said...

Whatever you do, don't start feeding him that hippie, organic, brown rice. His poop will stink like patchouli!

Lori said...

Don't worry Titi, he's most likely going through a growth spurt and he will eventually start sleeping through the night again. More feedings is definitely what he needs and he's letting you know that!

When my kids started solids, I found fruits and vegetables to be easier on their digestive systems than cereal - if Radar has any problems, you might want to try it. Mash up some banana, winter squash, carrots, that type of thing (no need to buy the baby versions). Just no berries or citrus fruit yet! Stay on one thing for a week or so before adding something new so you can identify anything he's reacting too.

So, since you're in the states, does that mean we're going to see you soon?

Hugs, Lori

Cousin Laurie said...

6 months was about the time Lessa began the same behavior, and cereal also became my friend.

I've also found that when they eat like that it could also be a growth spurt. Alyse does it all the time. She'll complain her legs hurt (growth) and then she's a bottomless pit for the next week or two. Constantly hungry and low and behold her pants are high water again! Growing is very expensive!