Thursday, June 4, 2009

Suggestions sought

First, to address one of the comments made on yesterday's post. Sandi - Radar already got you a book and autographed it, so there IS a consolation prize for your measley third place finish. As for your claims of nepotism, it's really no wonder.... whiny liberals are always looking for someone to blame when they lose. My mom is heading up to Maine next week with the Science Pundit and she will hand deliver the book. We'll expect you to read it and have a full book report ready for Radar for his mid-July visit!

Tia Sara is away in Sicily, so I'll wait until she's back before I post about her first prize.

As for today - it was a good one. We headed out in the new Prius to meet Tio Dardo and Tio Miguel at the Hard Rock Casino resort (where Anna Nicole Smith died... see, I've already visited all the other tourist spots (her grave, her home, etc.) and I want Radar to have culture). Anyway, Tio Miguel bragged about how he'd won a small fortune at the poker tables, so we obviously pushed the bill toward him at the end of our meal. The "small fortune" story was then amended to "how are we going to pay for the room?" When I say we, that's because Miguel brought his friend Lincoln to lunch and according to Lincoln, Miguel lost all his money within 3 hours of his arrival at the poker tables, but then was able to win some money with Lincoln's money... Somehow Miguel picked up the tab, so we won't dig any deeper there.

Finally, I am seeking suggestions for Abuelito Tribi who is retiring from Bayer on June 30th. Once he retires, he'll be doing some consulting work for a company in Spain (yes, that means a place to stay since he'll be getting an apartment over there). For all sorts of reasons, it makes sense for him to set up a company for the consultancy, so he's in the process of doing it. He's got all the paperwork. He's got the company structure (LLC). He's got the fees. The only thing missing is a name!

So, that's your job. Please leave your ideas as to what name might suit Abuelito Tribi's new firm. I thought maybe "Faelwin Technologies LLC" or "Rafineto Enterprises LLC", but I'm sure you can do better. The prize will of course be free room & board in Spain or perhaps just a hearty thank you!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - After returning from the casino, Radar enjoyed some naked time and he was so cute that I just had to snap some pics... notice that I was tastefully discrete so that it won't come back to haunt him in the event that Radar grows up to be a politician!

PSS - As I finish up this blog entry, this is what the two Pazos men in the house are doing. Oh, what a hard life!!


The Science Pundit said...

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Marco said...

Congrats on the new Prius! I hear you're looking for a handsome young slave, I suggest you check out Miguel's friend. It is late, so I'll have to sleep on the consulting name thing.

P.S. I'm voting Radar & Titi in 2016!

Anonymous said...

Ah...adding Insult to Injury! And in case you have not noticed, we "whiny liberals" do no need to attach blame as we are NOT losing these days..

Sandi in Searsport

Radar's Mom said...

@ Sandi

As a fellow whiny liberal, I have indeed noticed that the whining these days does seem to be coming from the other side of the fence!

Antonio said...

I dont see me or Rafa whining. I'm in Iraq and not whining. I'm sure Rafa wont either since he's perfect and all (Also... I heard that his living arrangements will compare to mine like a motel 6 compares to a Hilton, so I sure hope he does not complain).
Either way, classic picture of Dardo passed out. It looks like Radar is headed in that direction too :)

Marco said...

I'm sure neither of you will whine when you and Rafa get together for a Humvee sauna roadtrip, with the heater cranked to max capacity but we liberals will whine if you're not wearing full body armor for it...

Antonio said...

Oh memories...
The "whoever turns off the heater first loses" story.

Hmmmm, heat :)

Tribi,,,Angela said...

Look like you have FUN,,
good, you see, most of your family there.. como Back soon, miss you,
Mom an Dad
Thanks Titi.. for the Blog.

HI to Antonio and Rafa,,
love u all.
Tribi and Angela

The Science Pundit said...

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Frank said...

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Antonio said...

Hmmm... I have a feeling Frank is going to win this one.