Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sundays are family day

Ok, first to address the answers to yesterday's questions. But before starting I have the unfortunate task of disqualifying Dardo... you know why Dardo!

Question #1 was indeed a pooping Radar face. Science Pundit, there is a difference between taking a sh&% and talking sh$#... maybe that was your confusion.

Question #2: Abuela was wrong about the size of her grandson's head being even bigger than it looked in the picture, but she has a tendency to think of Radar as larger than life in every way, so we'll excuse her. The Science Pundit and Antonio were right, but only "Anonymous" pointed out how beautiful Radar's face is with a little Yiddish touch. Here's a better perspective.

Question #3: I can't blame those who guessed that Fanny's was looking at some sort of food. But that was wrong and nobody got the right answer. Of course you would have needed insider information to know the answer... this guy has that insider information, but will he tell?

Ok, it was Radar's new rubber ducky. I had it on the bed and was squeaking it... Fanny was VERY interested.

Question #4: You all had the right idea and I think Abuela came closest with the spelling of "Spliblphshpglbbsh." The only problem is that you all missed the "he he he" at the end since the last picture showed Radar giggling at his own splurting... so the right answer was "Spliblphshpglbbsh, he he he."

Sorry! No prizes today, but thanks for playing. But if you're interested in one more chance at the big prize (which is totally at my discretion, so it could be anything from a mention on the blog to an island rum cake), here's one more question.

Question: Other than approximate weight, height and not being house trained, in what other way have these two recently become more alike?

I'll publish the answer in a day or two.

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - Here are just a few shots from our Sunday family day...

Radar's riding it cool, with his foot sticking out of his stroller.

Mommy and Radar testing out the new sling.

The family finally all together!!!


The Science Pundit said...

Given that the Fanny picture showed teeth, I'll assume that that's a hint that Radar has started teething.

Jenna said...

The picture of Radar with the bubbles on his chin is just too cute for words!!! What a cutie that little man is!

Anonymous said...

Double Chin??? Wrinkles???

Tia Sara said...


Antonio said...

Stinky poo?