Sunday, June 14, 2009

Three sheets to the washer

Addendum to this morning's post which explains Marco's comment... looks like there's a common theme emerging!!!

Marco's entry
Whew... yesterday was a long one. I wish I could hold a little contest as to which of the following stories is true, but unfortunately they all are.

Let's start our Saturday tale with a tall glass of apple juice. Mommy woke up before baby at about 5am with a thirst that could embarrass a sponge. So I snuck downstairs to get my apple juice and brought it back up to bed. I put it on the bedside stand and squeezed into my corner of the bed, trying not to disturb baby or pug (yes, Radar is still in the bed). Since I was so thirsty, I probably should have drunk the juice before getting into bed, but that's history... as is the next thing that happened which I'm sure you can guess. Mmmm hmmm... while trying to take a sip from the reclined, contorted position, the glass slipped and spilled all over me, baby, pillow and bed. So much for taking advantage of the baby sleeping in a bit!

Anyway, that early morning catastrophe obviously required a complete bedding change (except for the comforter which escaped my apply wrath!) No biggy... it was Saturday and there would be time for naps later in the day. So, after a very fun play date (pictures in the PS) that is precisely what the three of us did... it was about 2:30pm and we all snuggled into our crisp, clean sheets. At some point during the nap, it slowly dawned on me that my foot was warm... warm and wet. "But I changed the apple juice sheets," I groggily thought as I emerged from my dreamy state to look down at the poor pug whose mouth was still frothy from all the vomitting she had just done. This time the pillows escaped, but the comforter did not. Strip the bed, take two!

Now, I am not such a foolish person as to not learn lessons when they are thrust upon me. So when it came time to change Radar's diaper before bathtime, I made sure to put the waterproof changing blanket under him. And good thing! Remember how I mentioned that Radar had started to eat new foods a week ago and that his poop might start to stink now... well, not only do we have stink, but we have elephant sized poops! So it was no wonder that the water proof sheet got to share in the diaper overflow - but at least the bed sheets were safe. Oh, did I mention that Radar never stops moving... he constantly kicks and punches. I only mention this now to help you visualize the loaded, dirty diaper that I'd moved to the side while cleaning Radar, being soccer kicked off of the waterproof blanket and "splat!" onto those crispy clean sheets. Strip the bed, take three!

Ok, enough of that. I'm loving the "name the photo" suggestions so far... please keep them coming. And I haven't yet gotten any photoshops from Friday's challenge #1, so I thought I'd go ahead and post my own entry to "up the challenge!" If anyone wants the photo in its original size, just drop me an e-mail and I'll send it to you.

Original photo

Mommy photoshopped out...

That's it for this morning. If the weather holds up, we're off to the pool again today. Enjoy your Sunday!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - Play date. I should explain the first picture. When I got to the house, the hostess asked me what the baby's name was and I said "Radar." She said, "No way!" I thought that meant she thought it was a cool name, so I started with the whole Rafael Darwin combo explanation. Then she said, "that's my dog's name!" So, meet Radar squared...

And then there were the little human playmates too... (Omar, Jack & Radar)

The playdate was at Thatcher's house and also present were Skylar, McKenzie & Nicholas... a good time was had by all!


Marco said...

A dolphin! Really? Arrgghh!

Antonio said...


Just so you can see how the game is played, I'll give you an example! Marco posted on my blog recommending that I give a picture of myself with my shaved head so people can do the photoshop game. I think the idea is funny, but I wouldn't do it without running it by you, since it's YOUR idea, not mine. On that note, is it ok with you if I give a picture of me with the shaved head so Marco & co. can photoshop it?
Tu primo Antonio

Tia Sara said...

It's not that I'm biased or anything, but I find Marcela's hippy-dippy version of the fish story more aesthetically pleasing.

Radar's Mom said...

@ Tia Sara

I think I agree with you... The whole "Radar in the sky with dolphins" is way groovier than my "realistic" merbaby!

WMiscall said...

I don't think you should feel bad about Radar still being in your bed. Isaiah co-slept with us until he was 13 months old. It made breast feeding and my sleep way easier. The rails are probably a good idea, though. They really move more and more! I was very sad when Isaiah left our bed, too. Now that I have adjusted I get great sleep. (Most nights!!)

Channel Swimmer said...

Radar is so cute! I just want to kiss his little mouth. I like Radar the human as well.