Monday, June 22, 2009

You be the judge

Judging from the photo-shopping poll, you are all clearly very poor judges. Yes, "Holy Radar" was funny and yes, "Groovy Radar" was way out, but to give Roman Radar only 3 votes (including my own vote) when it was clearly the best quality and most creative???!!! I'll just chalk it up to poor judgment and poor taste. I thought of rigging the results, but after seeing what a fuss that's caused in Iran, I thought it best to not rock the boat. I will be seeing the Science Pundit next month and will hand deliver his prize.

But I am nothing if not forgiving and so I will give you one more chance... no poll this time... just a quick judgment call about whether or not you think Mr. Radar had a good time at the beach yesterday. Unfortunately I can't show you all the photographic evidence I wanted to since I forgot the memory card for my waterproof camera... so no ocean shots, but we did spend a good bit of time playing in the water while Fanny swam circles around us. And Radar was imitating Fanny by lapping up salt water with his tongue!

And even the shots I managed to get were problematic since there was constant interference.

But finally I managed to get some unobstructed shots. "Let's see... this little piggy went somewhere..."

"Mommy. Where did the piggy go again?"

And when we were done swimming and playing on the beach, we relaxed under the shade of a palm hut.

Are you wondering what that drink is on the side of Radar's stroller? That's a dirty diaper daiquiri!

And who can resist a dirty diaper daiquiri? I had to quickly stop shooting to intervene. So? Judging from what I've shown you, do you conclude that Radar had a good day or not such a good day at the beach?

Oh, I suppose I could give you one last clue... This was Radar when I pulled into the driveway at home! You be the judge!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


The Science Pundit said...

Poor baby is sooo sleepy! :-)

Marco said...

That poor baby was lounging around paradise all afternoon sipping dirty diaper daiquiris and lapping salt water with Fanny; I wouldn't worry too much about him. Radar looks like he had a wonderful time. Congrats to SP on the photoshop win. I was origonally going for an angel in heaven kind of theme, but when I went searching for a picture of heaven, I found the pretty fractal art and went off that way. And congrats to Titi for her most origonal idea of Radar the conquerer.

AdP said...

My opinion is,,,, RAFITA,, had a good time Yesterday,
look @ THE PICTURE when he is sleeping.. Drunk??? where is the Daiquiri??