Saturday, July 25, 2009

Can you hear me now? How about now?

Wow!!! You can hear me... I must be back in the 21st century! Just like the sailors who spend months at sea, then kiss the ground when they reach shore, I feel like kissing the magic wi-fi beams that are zooming around the air that are putting me back in touch with the world (that's how I explain wireless technology).

I am so sorry to keep you all waiting for so long... this is the longest hiatus that Radar Love has ever taken since its star made his debut. But it couldn't be helped. Between visiting black holes where internets and mobular phones dare not go, to running into a major obstacle, to resolving said major obstacle, to driving for two full days... well, I just never had the chance. And the chaos isn't quite over. Today is another driving day (Philadelphia to Charlottesville) to a 40th birthday party and then tomorrow morning we'll be on a plane to home sweet home.

So for today, I'll just give this short shout out to let you know that Superman is just fine....

... and our travels have been adventurous...

... but we've missed all of our blog friends (although we have met up with a number along the way and we'll tell you about that starting tomorrow).

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


Lori said...

So happy to see your post! I was worried that that old truck had broken down along the way. Glad to know you made it safely to Philly!

Anonymous said...

At least Ft Benning has wireless service available.


Tia Sara said...

OK, now you have to write about the truck....!