Monday, July 13, 2009

Conspiracy to keep mommy awake

I think the title says it all. Here we are on day 3 of Radar World Tour II and I am far more sleep deprived than I ever am at home. Why? I have all sorts of baby sitters and I'm on vacation... I should be getting extra sleep. But after 3 days, I have uncovered the conspiracy. These people (ie, my family) have been playing on my weakness for dominoes. They don't start the game until 8 at night knowing that I can't resist playing. After watching a few hands, Radar winks at his co-conspirators and they wink back... then Radar craps out and sleeps right on the floor through all the rest of the games (which have gone on past midnight these past couple of nights). Only then do I go to bed (with Radar) to get some sleep... and in accordance with the conspiracy, Radar then wakes up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 5 am. Obviously I have no choice but to get up and unfortunately there is no one else awake, so he's all mine. To survive the early morning, I make coffee. Around 9:00am or so, a few bodies start rolling out of bed.... they come into the kitchen where I've now poured enough coffee into my veins, that I can't go back to sleep... and that's when Radar winks at his fellow tricksters, they wink back and he dozes off again for a two hour nap.

That's a long way to say that I'm tired. It doesn't matter though because we are having a blast on the world tour. Yesterday's highlight was...

... not to worry... the water wasn't hot (89 degrees) and there were no chemicals in the water. After being re-energized by the hot tub jets, Radar composed some masterpieces for everyone.

And today's highlight was a scrapbook keeper!!!

Yep! Tia Lali gave Radar his first haircut and the boy that I thought couldn't get more handsome, just did!

Tomorrow gets even better. We will be meeting a fellow spal... and if you don't know what that means, tune in tomorrow and I'll tell you more.

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - While I may not be getting much sleep, I've included some evidence that others around here are getting a-plenty!! Mommy and son even snore together.

PSS - And just because Radar's cousin X (short for Xavier) is so darn cute, here's one more...


Tia Sara said...

Wow! Take a look at Radar's teeth in the post haircut shot! Very nice haircut, as always, Tia Lali. Give one to Marco also if you haven't already, please. Thank you!
Besos a todos.

Dardo said...

Don't worry Tia, she already did. Titi too.

Antonio said...

Hi titi,

Haven't read any posts lately. In between being busy and not having a computer, I've only had time to borrow a computer to check my mail and read the news. I just found out my mid-tour leave got moved. I'm going to be in Venezuela early August, mostly cause my parents 40th aniversary is the 25th. Even though it's relatively early for mid-tour leave, i'd rather be home for something meaninful like that. My macbook is already on its way, and should be here in about a week (cross finges + knock on wood)
Aside from that, everything else is good, temperature continues to rise, but we're pretty much used to 120-130 degree weather. The "it sucks, so just deal with it" attitude is awesome in regards to that. I built myself a full size desk in my area so I have more room to put care packages on! I'll post pictures when my new computer arrives.
Felipe primo sent a care package, and added a very nice looking set of Oakley glasses (but he wants them back... YEA RIGHT!). Still waiting for Javier's package... (hmmm... tick tock, i know he reads the blog)
Bueno, un abrazo fuerte a todos!

Cousin Laurie said...

What cute pictures! I think he's going to break hearts when he's a teenager. You'd better watch out!

centralillinoisian said...

Yay for Aunt Lali, the haircut is way cute, and for Cousin X who is also a cutie-pie.

Little M and Baby G said...

the haircut photos are priceless! Radar is such a cutie!