Thursday, July 16, 2009

El tocayo

What's this?

Need a bit more information? Well, here's the story in pictures.

First I dressed Radar in a new outfit that a certain someone brought him from a certain somewhere.

Mommy: "Radar, can you smile for the camera?"

Mommy: "What a beautiful picture sweetie... let mommy give you a kiss."

Radar: "Mommy!!! Get away... I'm doing a photo session!!!"

Mommy: "Ok then, on with the photo shoot. Why don't you sit with your Tio... after all, you are his tocayo!"

Radar: "Tio, what's a tocayo?"

Tio: "Well, that's when you share the same name as someone else."

Radar: "And why did mommy say that I'm your tocayo?"

Tio: "That's because my name is Rafael and so is yours... so you are indeed mi tocayo! Get it?"

Radar: "Oh yeah! I like that! Does that mean we'll be hanging out a lot now?"

Tio Rafa: "Well, not just yet mi tocayo. Next Saturday I have to go to Iraq for a year... but once I get back, we'll see each other much, much more often."

Radar: "Hmmm... well, can you at least toss me around for now?"

Tio Rafa: "You bet!"

And that's the story behind the picture!

For the first time in three years, I got to hang out with my cousin Rafa, his wife Vivi and their kids Felipe and little Vivi. (They've been in South Korea for the past three years). I'm sorry it's only for a day and I'm sorry that Rafa will be heading off to Iraq in just a week, but hey... you take what you can get!!! The little Chinese outfit was a gift that they brought from Korea and it is so cute, cool and comfortable, that I think I'll dress Radar in it every day until he outgrows it. We love you guys!!!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


The Science Pundit said...

Oooh! I knew what this was going to be about from the title of the post, but it's great to see the pictures!

Marco said...

That really is an adorable baby and outfit! Are they some pics with his adorable cousins Vivi & Pepe? I know that in the past I've complained of cuteness overload, but in truth I just can't get enough.

Mulligan said...

O.k... too much about melting Mommy's heart and that crap.... I am missing Fantango, but fortunately today Uncle Stefan came by the third time in the last week and it seemed he was a bit exhausted and did not mind the running air condition, so we napped for a while...then he prepared some electrical stuff for the floating thing outside my grounds...what a great day....I was in haven all those hours...