Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fang Tango

Well, just a quick post before I shower and head off to work. I did go to the doctor yesterday, but I'll report more on that later. (I'll just say that I'm very sorry I didn't take my camera to capture that "Oh brother" look on the doctor's face when I gave her my expert self diagnosis lecture). Today I wanted to address Sunday's mystery... the question about how Fantango and Radar have recently become more alike. The guesses were very amusing, except that Fantango was upset about the implication that she has a double chin!

Only one person guessed the answer. And really, there can only be one answer that can cause this much happiness...

... and this much craziness...

... and this much drool...

... and that answer is.... FIRST FANGS!!!!

... zoom in... aren't they cute???

So please help us celebrate by standing up in place right now and wiggling your rear... that's what we call the "fang tango" round these parts! Gotta run.

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - This morning before we fully woke up at 6am, Radar and I played footsie.

Poor Fanny was left out and left with no option but to commiserate with the monkey.


The Science Pundit said...

I think the monkey likes poor Fanny.

Little M and Baby G said...

WOW! a) what a great smile b) those teeth are really coming in!

Abuelito Tribi said...

At the rate we are going Radar and I should cross over (# of teethwise) in a few years. Those are some of the cutest pictures in some time! And that is a very high standard! NINE days and counting.