Thursday, July 16, 2009

I heart NY, but not like this

Hi y'all! I didn't post on day 5 of the Radar World Tour II because Radar and I were apart all day. It was the longest we'd been apart, by time and distance. At 6am, I took off for New York City to attend some meetings. I was back at LaGuardia airport at 6pm for a 7pm flight back to Radar. He hadn't been awake when I'd left in the morning, so I was very happy to see that he'd waited up for me and at just after 9pm, a bit more than 15 hours after last holding him, we were snuggling together again! For the first time, he actually reached for me!!!! Talk about melting mommy's heart.

Anyway, I had hoped to sneak in a few minutes for shopping in order to get Radar a little NYC outfit or hat or bear or whatever. Unfortunately, this was all I saw of NY...

It was airport to cab to meeting to cab to next meeting to cab to airport. I really do love New York... but not like that.

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - stay tuned for a second post today, day 6 of the world tour where I will be posting a very, very special picture!!!!


Lizzie said...

How much would I love to go to New York....but Auckland is a bit too far away for a quick visit, thanks for the pictures! I will visit it by cyper blog!