Monday, July 27, 2009

Return to the regular routine - I think not!

It wasn't a perfect routine, but there was a semblance of a routine in our lives that looked something like this:

6pm - mommy returns home from work
7pm - bathtime for Radar
7:30 - 8pm - bedtime for Radar
6:30am-ish - uppy time for Radar
8:30am - mommy heads off to work

Then came two weeks of what we'll call "routinus disruptus" (aka vacation), where Radar was dragged out of bed at 4:30am to travel on airplanes, cars and junky old trucks, waking up in a different place most mornings. Then yesterday I get home and expect Radar to slip right back into his routine so that I could hit the sack at 8pm... It is now 9:40pm and I'm exhausted from a nearly 2 hour battle with an impossible to please or console infant nearing toddler boy. He has finally collapsed, but I'll have to keep this pretty short since I'm burned out.

I guess the best way then to tell a little more of the story of our trip is to do it with more pictures and fewer words. So here goes.

We got to see our dear friend, Aunt Lori of Maine.
She knitted this gorgeous sweater for Radar.
It's the most beautiful thing he owns.
He seems pleased with it.

But not nearly as pleased as he is with the crinkly, silver paper wrapping.

Tia Andrea, my dear friend who also lost a son to trisomy 18.
My Pennsylvania soul sister.
She opened her home and arms to us after two long days of driving.
She is undoubtedly Radar's new crush!

Felipe Pazos, my smart, funny and engaging 11 year old nephew (Rafa & Vivi's son).
A rule breaker (87.75 points and counting).
With my magic camera I was able to capture the devil behind the eyes!

Editting tricks on Marco and Xavier.
What do you do when the subjects are great, but the backgroud is ugly?
Smudge it!!

We loved seeing all of you and can't wait to see you again... remember that our home is always open to any and all of you. Thanks for making our two week vacation a super memorable one once again!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


The Science Pundit said...

It seems like just yesterday you were talking about how Radar had started smiling but you couldn't catch it with the camera. Now he can't stop smiling for the camera. :-)

Angela Spivack said...

Titi-In the future, please call me as I would have gladly driven you and your furniture to Philly in my station wagon or my dad's truck. We have friends who live there and are always looking for an excuse to drive down to see them! Not to mention seeing you and my little "nephew". :(

I know all about one-way rentals, tried to do it to Florida and it was terrible the high cost of a mini van. Decided to fly instead. Much cheaper!

Hope you are settled in now and more rested. Cute picts of the little Radar.