Sunday, July 19, 2009

What vacations are all about

Vacations are all about losing track of time... and it seems that's what I've done. Although presently I am keenly aware that it is 4am and that both Radar and my mom are snoring in their respective beds while I am up pumping and blogging, I have sort of lost track of the days. How else can we explain me not blogging for two consecutive days of the RWT II? We have been back to New York, onto Boston, to two different hotels, to museums, visiting with friends and family, to a fabulous tapas restaurant (drinking fabulous Spanish wine), and enjoying ourselves to the point of exhaustion.

And to make matters worse, later this morning we'll be heading up to the real boonies in Maine where the internets and the mobular telephones don't work! Mom has promised to let me sneak off to a nearby internet cafe periodically so that I can get my fix and maybe even post a little something here.

But for now I'll just post a couple of pics from these last couple of days.

playing with food and feet at our first hotel in Boston...

playing with Grammy at our second hotel
(the first was overbooked for night 2, so we had to move)...

snacking and posing on Boston Harbor outside the Institute of Contemporary Art
(after visiting a very cool exhibit of works by Shepard Fairey (think Obama poster))...

... tapas with Toti sporting a fabulous handbag from gay Paris!!
(that Lali gave me and that Toti was made to carry since it matched his shirt)

... and the whole gang... (clockwise starting with the guy in yellow are Doug, Toti, Moi, You know who, mom, Casilda (my godmother) and Ricardo ("The Godfather!"))

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - Marco had asked for some pics of Felipe and Vivi with Radar... sadly, I have only this picture to share. Although Felipe looks uber cute, the two Vivi's are crowded out by one of Rafa's very typical power plays to grab the spotlight! He's so vane... he probably thinks this picture's about him... he's so vane!!!

(either that or it might have something to do with putting a pretty pickled Tia Lali in charge of the photo set-up!)

PSS - And finally we have what we like to call "a pug in every port." Meet Tio, Toti and Doug's pug.


Moni said...

Nice site. Please visit my site, too.

Greetings from Austria


Tia Sara said...

Get to a computer and update us on the world tour already! You have a public!
Oh, nice to see Casilda, Ricardo and Toti.