Thursday, August 13, 2009

Baby blogging

Weekdays can get pretty busy around here, and pretty boring when it comes to blogging. Sometimes it's a bit hard to dig up the energy or creativity to write something that might be even remotely interesting to anyone. In those cases, I think that thievery is perfectly appropriate. And so it is that today I am stealing some ideas. The first arrived in my inbox this morning from Tia Lali. She wrote that she had been up late last night (and well into the morning since the e-mail time stamp was 2:14am) partaking in that good old American past time that we like to call "watching the boob tube."

And what, you ask, could have kept Lali up and spellbound until 2am? Yep - you guessed it - an infomercial! Since Radar and I were sleeping at 2am and missed it, Lali was good enough to send me a link.

That's right... if I simply pay 14.95, I get a 30 day trial (hey, aren't those 30 day trials usually free) and Radar can learn to read by the time he's 9 months old. I'm definitely going to buy it because it's clear that my methods and parenting skills in this area are seriously flawed since Radar is only interested in eating the books that I show him. So with that in mind, I wandered over to some of the other mommy blogs that I follow when I found an interesting ditty at the end of today's posting on Greyson's blog.

So since Radar should already be reading and writing (he's nearly 8 months for heaven's sake), I give you Radar's very own posting in his own words!!!


{ ;#eaa1 09`*ic a zYKTGBV\


YBUUUUUUUUUUh ,U? 6 q WQXA23jhuhhu8




Well? Makes sense to me! Any questions? And somehow, even the computer survived!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - On a more serious note, one of our loyal and wonderful blog followers, Jenna, has a cousin who's heart unexpectedly stopped today. She is now on a ventilator with a very weak heart beat. Please keep Jenna, her cousin and her family in your thoughts and prayers tonight.


Lali said...

So I realize it is very silly. I really don't think it would teach Radar how to read by next month. But if it is slightly educational and entertaining then I thought that you might be interested. Anyway, I could I zombie-style stare and "your baby can read" infomercial and not tell you about it. So much love!!

Lali said...

BTW, Radar is so darn cute working on his laptop. Such a genius, no silly video tape required! I love him so much. Everyday that you put up new pictures I have to change my desktop... kisses, love, Lali

Jenna said...

Thanks for praying for my cousin. She is in a better place now, probally dancing with her little girl she lost 8 years ago at birth.
Tell Radar I love his post, he is so wise for his age!