Monday, August 17, 2009

The bad list

This little monkey of mine is turning out to be quite the trouble maker.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, my work permit has been held up because Radar's documents are not in order.  And as I also mentioned in an earlier post, I'm sick.  I've been trying to fight off a soar throat and cough for the last two weeks and just as I thought I was getting better, I took a nose dive this weekend and am now much worse... Radar, in the meantime, continues to slurp out all my good immunity for himself and has stayed healthy as a fern (I couldn't think of a proper analogy and fern came to mind... doesn't make too much sense, but hey, I'm sick!)

Then, yesterday, my little trouble maker reached new heights!  In the afternoon we boarded the plane in Ft. Lauderdale to come back home and were happily minding our own business, waiting for the doors to close and for the plane to take off.  That's when a representative of JetBlue Airlines walked down the aisle, stood right in front of me and asked, so that everyone could hear, "Are you Christena Pazos?"

"Yes," I answered.

"Can you please follow me off the plane.  There is a problem with your passport."

I asked if I had to bring the baby and she stated that no, the problem was with me.  So I left Radar with Maria and I slinked off the plane under the suspicious gaze of all my fellow passengers who were probably thinking terrible thoughts about terrorism or drug smuggling.  When I got back out to the gate, the agent asked, "Are you traveling with Rafael Pazos?"  

"Yes, he's my son," I answered.

"Well, he's on the bad list and we'll need to see his passport!"

What?  My baby is on the "bad list" with the airlines?  I laughed and asked if this meant that Santa wouldn't be bringing him any gifts at Christmas... my joke was met with a serious stare.  It seems that the "bad list" is no laughing matter - not even when it comes to an 8 month old!

Radar , "Bad-lister" making his baby gang sign

After they cleared up the matter (which apparently had to do with information from his passport being entered incorrectly at my original check-in), I proudly strode back onto the plane and declared to all the passengers as I made my way back to my seat...

"Not to worry ladies and gentleman.  Everything is under control. My 8 month old baby was on the 'bad list', but everything has been cleared up!"  

And unlike the agent at the counter, the other passengers finally gave me the chuckles I was looking for!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar (no longer on the bad list)


Marco said...

You know I was half expecting the mix up to be that the real terrorist suspect to be his Tio Rafael Pazos who's been proudly serving his country since 1994. Wouldn't that be a slap in the face? Anyhoo, I would proudly give references to Santa Claus for either my primo or my nephew, because I know them to be VERY good boys.

The Science Pundit said...

Everyone knows that international terrorists begin walking at 11mo2wk.

Tia Sara said...

Wow! I always knew Radar was a wanted baby, I just didn't realize how wanted... and by whom!

Lali said...

They thought that Radar was on the "bad list"! Man! Airport people are real idiots.

Lizzie said...

You are sooooo funny!!!

Gail said...

That is so funny and so ridiculous! Sorry I missed you guys this weekend. I thought that you told me that you were coming next week. Hope you feel better. Hugs to you, Radar and Fantango.

Cousin Laurie said...

The amazing thing is they had to know his age for heaven's sakes. And on top of that not to even have any sense of humor about it...geez! My friend Lorraine and I had the TSA lady chuckling when we took off from Long Beach on Jet Blue to Salt Lake, so I know some of them aren't so anal.

Tell Radar to stop wearing that camo and those bandanas. Someone might get the wrong impression!

Little M and Baby G said...

Wow! That cute little man is quite the trouble maker!
I'm glad it all got cleared up.

Andrea said...

Wow... there is a good reason for me finally checking your site today.... thanks for the humungus chuckle! I LOVE the gangster sign he's making... Bad to the bone that Radar!
Tia Andrea