Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Love-off

One of the reasons that I love my sister, Tia Lali, so much is that she makes the little things so much fun. Yesterday I sent her a quick e-mail and in my sign off, as per our usual routine, I tried to express how much I love her (and Radar). She responded and in typical fashion, her sign-off outdid mine. So I responded and again tried to top her love, but then Lali, as she always does, put the case to rest today with her final love sign off... Once again, Lali wins the "Love-off!"

This is how it went...

1. (sign off from my first e-mail to Lali)

I love you sooooooooooo much! (but obviously not as much as I love Radar because that $hit is off the charts!)


2. (Lali’s response)

So I love you so much that it maxes out the charts. However, I love Radar so so so so much that it is way too off the charts. And you know when something if off the charts you can't really tell by how much. It might just be a little more than the max or it might be a million times stronger than the max.

So much freaking love,

3. (me)

So much love... off the charts, but then they made a new charting system and they were able to chart my love for you, which shattered all love records throughout history, but then they looked at my love for Radar and it was still off the charts (even the new fancy, sophisticated charting system that they made), so they hired every math genius in the world and brought Einstein back from the dead to try to make a chart that could measure my love for Radar and in every case the love plot line flew off their charts and showed no signs at all of leveling out, so they're still working on that.

4. (Lali)

I wikipedia-ed exponential growth and altered one of the little stories.
Titi gave Lali a beautiful, hand-made chessboard where every little square had a different picture of Radar on it. Lali was so pleased with the gift that she wanted to give Titi and Radar a gift in return. She offered to give one unit of love on the first square picture of Radar, two units of love on the second, four units of love on the third etc. A unit of love is a standard measurement of love. Most people you love would get one or two standard units of love. Titi and Radar thought that was a good amount of love but then started to realize how much love that was and were overjoyed. The requirement for 2 n − 1 units of love on the nth square demanded over a million units of love on the 21st square, more than a million million (aka trillion) units of love on the 41st! Everyone was baffled because it was previously thought that there were not that many units of love in the whole world and here Radar and Titi were getting it all!!!!

I really really really love Radar (and you). I would estimated it as 2 n − 1 units of love for an infinite by infinite chessboard. And that is crazy lot because from the above the story you can see that a normal chessboard would already max out the world amount of love and I increased this imaginary chessboard.


So WOW!!! Doesn't that make you love Lali too? And Radar, of course!

Lots of love (but most especially for Lali and Radar),


Lali said...

:) Its a lot of love alright! But for a baby that is so so perfect, like Radar, it makes sense.

Marco said...

Wow Lali, that is a whole heck a lot of love there. You might want to take this to another dimension by making it taking it throughout the history of time, maybe through a tesseract, or into the 8th dimension with an Oscillation Overthruster.

I love you guys soooooooooooooo much!

Frank said...

To much love for me. I have infinitely less love then that. I am just a standard chess board. In fact that amount of love you both have made me feel a little gross.

I'm sorry but I have limits on my love. You all have me at my limits ... but please for goodness sakes, tame your love to the trillions.

Lots of love .... but not toooooo much.

Marcela says there is only to O's in the word to. You can never have enough O's or X's


Frank said...


Frank said...

I'm done now - pitle

Tia Sara said...

I wonder if Radar has inhereted the competitive gene?

Antonio said...

What competitive gene?

Channel Swimmer said...

Lali, I have never met you but you seem like such a delightful little nerd! I think we would get along.