Wednesday, August 26, 2009

May the Lion rest in peace

We're feeling rather blue at Radar Love today on hearing the news that Ted Kennedy passed away last night. On Thanksgiving weekend of 2007, before Radar's mom was Radar's mom, she had the pleasure of meeting Senator Kennedy in person.

I had flown up to spend Thanksgiving with Grammy in Maine. On Sunday evening, I caught a flight back from Boston to Miami and sitting right in front of me on the plane was Senator Kennedy. I didn't want to bother him so I kept quiet throughout the flight (although everyone who did approach him was received with a big smile and friendly handshake).

When we landed, I took out my cell phone to call my mom and let her know that I had arrived. On the phone I said to my mom, "guess who one of my fellow passengers is?" Obviously she couldn't guess. "Senator Kennedy," I tried to say in a sort of whisper. Then my mom asked how many drinks he'd had on the flight. But before I could say anything, the aid who was sitting next to the senator overheard and said to me, "hand the phone to the Senator!" Teddy Kennedy put out his hand and took the phone from me. I heard him say to my mom, "Hey Mom!! The daughter and I are heading to warmer weather!" They chatted for a minute and he handed the phone back. He shook my hand, gave me a jovial chuckle and we made a bit of small talk as we walked off the plane.

Of all my celebrity meets (except perhaps Matt Damon touching my Radar baby belly), this one made the biggest impression on me. We are so sad to see you go Senator. Rest in Peace and may your spirit live on in the heart of the US people and our government.

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - By the way... the answer to my mom's question about how many drinks the Senator had had on the flight... 6 or 7! I guess that's another reason a Pazos might be especially fond of that Liberal Lion!!!


Mrs. Mother said...

I am very sad to hear of his passing, too. I was hoping he might live long enough to see health care in this country become what he wanted it to be.

The Science Pundit said...


Abuela said...

To Radar's Mom: What kind of reputation are you bestowing on your family? Well then, I hoist a Guiness to all the Irish drinkers if they will toast Teddy's people:the uninsured, the underinsured, the unemployed. (Make that a Kaliber).

Radar's Mom said...

Abuela... everyone is Irish today!

Abuela said...

Radar's Mom is leaving out her celebity brush with Al Roker...or was that a feel? Fess up.

Tia Sara said...

Here, Here! or is it Hear, Hear!?