Saturday, August 15, 2009

A quick stop over

Sorry for not posting sooner. Radar and I made a quick trip over to Florida with Maria, his nanny. Now that Radar is fully mobile, the new challenges for keeping him safe are in play. As a tiny infant, the trick was to not let him sleep on his stomach and not to drop him on his head. But now the list is so, so, so much longer. Don't let him chew on live wires, pull down stacked book cases, drop into the canal where I live, choke on any of the millions of things he puts into mouth, etc, etc... It really is becoming clear that you have to watch a crawler (very soon to be toddler) every second because they want to get to everything and have no idea what's safe or not... that my job - and Maria's.

In order to be better prepared, I am planning to attend a child/infant CPR course in Nassau and I wanted Maria to attend one as well... the catch? She only speaks Spanish and there's no such course given in Nassau. But as luck would have it, Miami, the Latin America of the US is just a short flight away, so last night we all hopped on a plane.

Radar, by the way, is really an expert flier now. Not a single whimper during the whole flight (unless you call opera singing a whimper.)

Then this morning we dropped Maria off at Miami Children's Hospital for her 7 hour course and Radar and I headed back to Grammy's... we popped into Aventura Mall on the way home... do you guys realize how fun those kiddy zones are at malls?

I had great plans for the rest of the day... but instead, I stayed at my mom's house, coked up on cough medicine (I have some sort of nasty bug that I've been trying to get rid of for two weeks and instead it seems to be getting worse) and listening to the storms beating rain down on the house. And now I'm going to try to get a little bit of sleep but I just wanted to check in and say hiya!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - Sadly, Jenna's cousin passed away yesterday. Jenna, please know that we're keeping you and your family in our hearts & prayers.


Dardo said...

Man, Radar's always visiting South Florida and not calling me!

Radar's Mom said...

Dardo - you were part of my big plans yesterday that fell through because I'm sick. And as for "always" visiting S. Florida... this is his 3rd visit and the first one when he hasn't called you. Radar is NOT his mother!!!

Lali said...

Wow, I really want to go to the mall kiddie zones now.
You know Philly is really close to tax free stuff and you'd save a bundle. (After buying what I would guess is a much more expensive ticket) I'm just saying. "Quick Philly stop over" for your next post, think about it. :)

Big plans + rain + coked out on meds = free pass to hide under covers

I love you guys, most especially I love Radar because is especially perfect in every way,

Jenna said...

I hope this cold goes away soon. A crawling baby and being sick sucks!!
It looks like Radar makes friends where eevr he goes:)

Little M and Baby G said...

okay, radar just keeps getting cuter! The photos of him crawling are great.