Sunday, August 2, 2009


Thank goodness for these two things...

the beach and my camera!

Thanks to those two things, I don't have to write or say very much and I can still share a little bit of our lovely Sunday with you.

Well, maybe Radar didn't think it was all that lovely. In fact, I don't think he much enjoyed himself. For starters, when we got to the beach Radar was sleeping and I woke him up so that he could enjoy the beautiful afternoon.

Almost immediately after waking up, Radar fell and threw a bunch of sand in his eyes... instead of helping him get the sand out, I went for the camera to get some pictures.

And you can see how much he enjoyed his swim in his life vest.

But hey, at least I thought it was a lovely Sunday at the beach.

I'm thinking that maybe the other Rafael was on Radar's mind... maybe all the sand reminded him that his Tio Rafa is now in Iraq where the sands don't end at a beautiful ocean and your mommy isn't right by your side to make you feel better.

Or, more likely, he was pissed about me waking him up and the sand in the eye thing... oh, who knows!

Lots of love,
Titi & Radar


Lesha said...

That looks like the most wonderful beach! Beautiful!

The aquarium looked fun too. I hope it was all nice and relaxing for you and Radar.

Thanks for stopping by my blog too!