Thursday, August 6, 2009

A serious Facebook problem

A few months back I finally joined Facebook after many months of ignoring invitations and pu-puing those who touted it as such a great communication tool. I have tried to keep my “friends” list to a manageable size (currently 91) to avoid becoming a Facebook teenager (1,745 friends) who spends all of her time talking to her friends through Facebook rather than the far more mature, healthy and old fashioned way of keeping in touch... e-mail.

Over the first couple of months I thought I'd done ok, using the tool infrequently to post some pictures, deliver some news and to check in on friends and family. Then about a month ago, I accepted an invitation that up until that point I had ignored. I agreed to join the Pirate crew of one of my cousins (either Frank or Marco... I don't remember which of you is to blame).

And now things have gotten way, way, way out of hand! In the evenings, instead of paying attention to my 7 ½ month old son who needs stimulation so that his brain will not whither into a reality show watching couch potato with no intellectual curiosity (no offense intended to those of you who partake in this type of brain candy – I do too every now and then), I am plundering treasures and fighting pirates to try to get to the next level. I thought I was doing it just as a game to try to stay ahead of my cousins (and soon Dardo who joined in on the pillaging). But as I checked my treasure this morning and looked over my crew, I questioned what the point was now... I am at level 60 or so while Marco, Frank and Dardo have flown past level 100 with Dardo about to leave 150 in the dust as well!

It is a compulsive addiction that leads to nothing productive and I'm quitting! I will sell all my weapons and ships. I will get rid of all my properties and destroy all of my buildings. I will put my 433+ million treasure up for a bounty on Frank's head and close up shop. I will revert to my commitment to only use Facebook as an infrequent communication tool to stay in touch with friends and family. I will spend my free time engaging my son in conversation or reading him a book. I will not become a Facebook teenager – I am 41 years old and I know better than to waste my time on something so non-productive. As of this morning, I am a new person! Good luck fellow Pirates and good riddance!!!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS – Did you guys know that it only takes 4 hours to grow strawberries in Farmville and that you can sell a mature rabbit for like 80 gold pieces!!!


Alesia said...

I have resisted the Mafia Wars, and several other invites I've gotten recently because I know how sucked in I got initially. Must. Avoid. Games!

Now I just hit ignore on all the gifts and drinks and invites, and I feel sort of bad but I also feel like the people sending me this stuff must get NOTHING done on a normal day!

Mrs. Mother said...

I am addicted to Farm Town. I will never get involved in the games again, but I have to go and check my crops now.

Tia Sara said...

I'm proud of you Titi! Now lets do an 'Intervention' on Frank and Marco!

The Science Pundit said...

I will put my 433+ million treasure up for a bounty on Frank's head and close up shop.

As an ordained minister, I would like the honor of giving the sermon at Frank's funeral.

marco said...

Titi, unlike you I have a chance in hell of catching up to Frank. Yes, I have a horrible addiction, but I can't quit now! Plus I think it is possible to beat the game...