Sunday, August 23, 2009


How are you guys at spelling? For example... can you spell this?

(I think I can, I think I can...)

(Almost there... )

(Man this is fun!)

(Can you believe how good I am?)

(Oh boy, last one!)

(Only one thing left to do now...)

(Kiss your moments of peace goodbye mommy and...)

(enjoy watching me every single second from now on!)


That's right... that spells, "I AM COOKED!" For anyone who might be scrolling through this sequence feeling horrified that I was standing back and letting Radar climb the steps alone... just relax! I used a wide angle lens that makes things seem farther away than they really are. Radar was in range of my protective and panicky hand at all time.

And even though today's events terrify me, I couldn't let Radar in on that little secret. He was so giggly and euphoric over his monumental summit of the stairs that I couldn't help but cheer along with him. Then, when we settled down a bit, we celebrated more by doing another of Radar's favorite things... reading on mommy's lap.

Man oh man, do I ever LOVE being this little guy's mommy!!!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


Marco said...

That's wonderful! Stair climbing is great exercise! Just make sure sure your gates are securely locked, 'cause he needs to be spotted for a while.

abuelito,,angela,,mime said...

Yes, yes, keep going an going RAFITA.
proud of you,,

We bring Mime @ WVU (College)Friday.

Gail said...

Great job Radar!!!! You are one adorable bundle of energy. Mommy, good luck trying to keep up.

Tia Sara said...

Wait til he starts going down! Until they get the hang of going down sitting down one at a time, it can be really scary.

Lali said...

He sticks his perfect little tongue out at angles in every other shot... BEAUTIFUL!!! I love him so so so much.

Moving people are suppose to come this evening! It will fully furnished soon, so get excited.


Radar's Mom said...

Tia Sara... slow down there... I was already freaking out with him going up. The thought of him going down is giving me sweaty palms... maybe he'll wait until he's 8 years old before he tries that!

Marco said...

Oh look at him, Radar is ready to tackle down too! Don't start with butt scooting. Start with backwards stair climbing, or tummy scooting by pulling him down. You want to train him to not tackle the stairs head on, but to turn around and go backwards down. I don't remember the layout of your stairs. but if you've got a single step landing you might allow him access to it to practice the concept of backwards down. I always loved stair climbing with X.

Marco said...

P.S. Keep him the heck away from Javier's spiral stair.

Dardo said...

Any progress on walking. Need to see if my projection is on track?

Anonymous said...

Wow ... Those are great pictures espcially from a wide angled lens. You must be a good mom considering I would have used a telescopic lens and take pictures from across the street.

I guess its just different parenting :-).

Have fun

The Science Pundit said...

P.S. Keep him the heck away from Javier's spiral stair.

Is it because they're unevenly spaced? They couldn't have been instaled any other way!