Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wordful Wednesdaysssssssss

Some weeks ago I participated in a community blogging game (for lack of a better term) called Wordful Wednesday from this blogging mommy's blog...

The idea is to post a picture or pictures and just let the words flow. In honor of the second ps from today's posting, I'll stick to words that start with 'S'. I welcome any words I might have missed...

Savoring MY





stealthy &




swinging &









Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS #1 - Abuela made mention in yesterday's post comments to another of my "celebrity meets" with Al Roker (you know... the tv weather dude who lost all that weight).  Well, if you read that and misinterpreted her lewd implication, let me clarify...

I DID sit next to Al Roker on a flight from Miami to Nassau and I DID cop a feel of Mr. Roker's butt!  Clear enough?

PS #2 - It is with great sadness that I report the untimely death of our pet snake "Sammy" this morning.  Cause of death... MURDER!  Just before I left for work this morning,  I noticed a wriggling worm on the floor of the living room, so I calmly pointed it out to Maria.  Without a word, she put her foot out and stepped on it!  I screeched and as I saw it was still moving, I rushed over to see if I could rescue the poor thing.  That's when I noticed that Sammy was no wriggling worm, but rather a tiny black slithering snake.  I scooped him up, but within a minute his slithers weakened and he went rigid.  I sadly buried Sammy outside.  

Rest in peace Sammy!  

PS #3 - Maria thinks I totally insane!

PSS #4 - Oh, the reason that I'm posting something called "wordful wednesday" on Thursday is that I started this post last night but Radar wouldn't let me finish it, so I actually posted it this morning.  I've also learned that the days do pretty much blend into one another for a working, single mother of an 8 month old!


Lali said...

The pictures are precious! Did you have the word SWEET, because it def works..

I have forgotten the butt feeling story...

RIP Sammy (and a little eww)

I love Radar and you so so so much!

angie said...

I absolutely loved the pictures of your son and the s words to describe him. Thank you so much for playing along. :)