Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Standing report

Mom... what I mean by a wide stance is this... I hope you weren't alluding to something lewd!

So Radar can stand, but as I mentioned yesterday, when it comes to taking a step, he just says no thank you!

Oh well.

Nothing much to report today except that I went and registered to be an extra on an episode of "Ugly Betty" that is being filmed here next week. If they happen to call me, I'll definitely take camera and kid to try to get some good pictures for the blog... Geez, what we bloggers won't do for our 21 followers!!!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mean, Green, Pooping machine

Wow... who knew that so many moms (and Tias) were fighting the diaper wars... and losing! At least now I know that I'm not alone and that my efforts, from the ridiculous songs to the outright wrestling matches, are just typical old mommy stuff. I don't mean to dis fathers by calling diaper changing "mommy" stuff, but I think that Rafa's comment illustrates that in general - at least with this particular blogging audience, I'm reasonably safe in making that stereotypical generalization. Unless I misunderstood your comment Rafa and you just have two perfect children or a very poor memory, in which case I apologize profusely!

So for now, I guess I'll concede that the mean, green pooping machine is going to set the rules on how easy or hard diaper changes will be... plus, would you mess with this guy?

Also, I thought I'd give a quick update on the walking front since Radar will be 9 month and 2 weeks tomorrow, and that puts us just one week away from the first guess on the sidebar (Abuelita's guess) for first steps. Radar can stand unassisted for 5 to 10 seconds if he's got a wide enough stance, but he just isn't interested in turning that into walking because by simply dropping to his knees, he can cover ground in record speed (I actually have to trot now to stay up with him... he crawl runs)!! I still think it will happen soon, but who's to know when Mr. Radar Independus will make the decision to try... and really, I think that's all it is... deciding to do it. Maybe he'll skip walking and go directly to running. That might fit his personality.

I'll try to get some standing pictures tomorrow. For tonight I'll just leave you with a not quite so mean, but just as green, pooping machine picture.

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

Monday, September 28, 2009

The diaper wars!

Thank you all for your generous comments (and sage advice Tia Sara) on Radar's haircut. As it turns out, Radar's head is a bit like that small piece of cake that you cut for yourself... then you notice you didn't cut it quite straight, so you cut a little more to even it off... and a little more... until the cake is nearly gone! It turns out that there was a day three to the haircut... I just couldn't help myself and now poor Radar is pretty thin up top!!! Oh well, he should get used to it... it's gonna end up that way in 20 years anyway.

But today's topic is related not to Radar's head, but to his other end. I've mentioned before that Radar loves naked time. Up until now though, I've been lucky enough to control naked time. Well, on Saturday, Radar started to take control. After a poopy diaper change, I put him in his play area for a few minutes while I went upstairs to get him a onsie for a pajama. Maybe I was gone for 4 minutes, but I don't think it was that long. When I got back, I found a naked baby, swinging his diaper like a lasso and sitting in a sizable puddle of pee with a giant grin on his face!!! Oh boy!

So there's that... and then there's the diaper changing itself. For the last month of so it's become a bigger struggle to change diapers because Radar can flip, turn, squirm, etc so well now and he doesn't think to stop all that just because I'm changing his diaper. But over the last few days (maybe with the fresh memory of the diaper liberation in mind), it's taken on a whole new life. Now diaper changes are accompanied by violent kicks, angry screaming and crying, full body twisting and turning... in short, it is really, really difficult to change Radar's diaper... especially when we're talking poop!

In the last few poop changes, either one (or a few) of my fingers or one of Radar's feet has gone full submersion into said poop. I try distracting him with toys (one of which also ended up grazing the poop) or singing or peek-a-boo... nothing doing!!! And since he's been having a touch of diaper rash, applying diaper rash cream only adds another complication and I usually come out of the battle with zinc oxide smeared all over my hands and surrounding areas. The only luck I've had over these last few days is to catch him while he's still sleeping!

So, as you see, I am losing the diaper wars. Any advice??? (I'm not so sure I want Marco or Frank's advice since during our weekend in Philadelphia, their son Xavier spent 90% of the time dancing around the apartment in pure form himself!!!)

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - I don't have diaper war pictures to show you since my hands are totally occupied during these battles, so I thought I'd just share a sequence of a game we play.

Radar strews his things all over the floor.

I pick them up and neatly place them on shelves.

Radar fixes thing again within a minute or two!!

PSS - Oh, and just because I thought this picture was cute of my little overall'd monkey looking out the window!
PSSS - Did anyone else notice that we here at Radar Love just silently slipped past the 20k mark on hits! Wow!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Baby talk

I've been a bit slack on the blogging front and it has something to do with being sick... of being sick. I had mentioned in some blogs over the last month and a half that I had some sort of bug that I was having trouble kicking. Well, after two rounds of antibiotics and bottles of yummy cough medicine, I finally did kick it and just in time for our trip to Philly last weekend. And what a great weekend we had at Tia Lali's place as she snotted and sneezed her own gross bug all over us. As usual, Radar slurped up all my immunity and was fine... and I succombed! Thanks a bunch Tia Lali!

Anyway, I'm finally emerging again from the dead and I thought I'd just do a quick post about baby talk... Radar's baby talk in particular. Those baby sites say that most babies say "mama" and "dada" by now and that they direct those words to the right parent. Well, Radar only has one parent and he most definitely does not call me by "mama" or "mommy" yet! And it ain't for a lack of brainwashing. Every day I point to myself and to pictures of me and say "mommy" and "mama" over and over again. And Radar does actually say "ma ma ma ma ma ma" when he's upset, but not to me.

But I'm cool with that... it's pretty normal to not yet say your first word at 9 months. Plus, kids in our family tend to talk later... sometimes much later. So I'm good with that. I'm patient. What I'm NOT so cool with is the word that Radar has been babbling over and over for the last few days... What word you ask?

"DA DA."

What the hell is that? Radar doesn't have a dada and no one has been brainwashing him, so why is he saying dada? Then I got to thinking... "Mama" makes sense because it derives from mother or madre... but why dada or daddy for father or padre? So I looked it up and low and behold, what I found is that the origin is not at all clear, it is nearly universal and is thought to derive from infantile or childish speech! So you want to hear my take on it?

"Dada" originated in infantile or childish speech! It's just something easy for babies to say, so even if they aren't being prompted constantly, the sound is one of the early ones they make. And dads, feeling very slighted by all the "mama" talk, simply took dada for themselves. It's just a theory, but it could possibly explain why a baby with no daddy around, who isn't being constantly prompted to say "dada", is saying it anyway. It's just natural baby talk... or maybe he thinks this guys is his daddy?

Ok, that's it for today. I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of Radar before and after the haircut I gave him over the last two days (yes it took two days)!!!




Thank goodness Radar is too young to know that his mommy just gave him a dorky, crooked bowl haircut! Poor kid!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

Enough already!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Atlanta Adventures

Did any of you catch the news about all the storms and flooding in Atlanta yesterday? Maybe you heard on some travel report that Atlanta's airport was closed for hours and that hundreds of flights were delayed and canceled? Turns out that we didn't just hear the news... we got to LIVE the news! Woo hoo!! Our simple 1 and half hour flight from Philly to Atlanta for our connection, turned into a 6 and half hour flight with lots of circle flying and a detour to Columbia, SC. When we finally did land in Atlanta at 6pm, I'll confess that I was actually glad that there were no other flights to Nassau because the thought of getting back on the airplane with Radar seemed pretty horrible at the time.

So instead, we went outside to where the hotel courtesy buses are and got on the first one (for Best Western). I asked the driver if he knew if there were vacancies and he said there were. I hadn't brought a change of clothes for me, so I did the old "wash the underwear in the sink and hang it in front of the vent" trick. We ordered some pasta for delivery (no restaurant in the hotel) and I slept horribly worrying that somehow Radar would roll off the bed.

Now, I've traveled plenty and I'm no stranger to all the inconveniences and other things that can go wrong on a trip... but this is the first real travel kurfuffle (how is that spelled?) with a 9 month old in tow... much, MUCH more trying on my nerves.

But for Radar it was just a new adventure... a new place to play...

a new long hallway for crawling...

a new bed (with couch pushed up to it for safety) to sleep in...

It turns out that the Baby Center warning about how 9 month olds don't travel well was written for all the other 9 month olds... Radar did great on this whole weekend with all the travel, people and places!!! But even so, we're both happy to be home!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - Here are some of the random pictures I promised in my last post...

PSS - Prima Sara... I didn't get your e-mail about Thanksgiving. Can you resend or post on facebook? I will be in the Bahamas for the Thanksgiving long weekend because I have a friend visiting (Andrea from the 8th random picture above), but if your trip is longer than just the weekend, maybe, maybe, maybe.... besos!

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I don't know why I always think that vacation will afford me more time to blog... it seems to always be just the opposite. We cram so much fun into these family reunion weekend vacations and two days later when I sit down to try to summarizing it, I realize that putting it all into one post is impossible. So I have to pick one general theme to blog about today and of all the things that we've done, there's one that seems to rise above the rest and it has to do with interchangeability.

See, I'm sure all of you remember that my cousin Rafael is in Iraq for a year. It's the first assignment in his 16 year of service where he's been separated from his family. That's a hardship... but luckily, he isn't the only Rafael in the family. There's one other... my Radar!!! And since cousin Rafael went to Iraq, this is the first time that my Rafael has seen the other Rafael's wife and kids... And how did it go?

My Rafa reading bedtime stories to the kids...

My Rafa playing catch with "his" son Pepe...

... and of course, My Rafa romancing "his" sweetheart!!!

Seems to me that the two Rafaels are practically interchangeable!!!!

Not to say that we don't miss you Rafa, but I hope that you can rest at ease knowing that your Tocayo was able to pinch hit for you for at least one weekend!!!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - I'll post other random pictures later tonight or tomorrow morning of all the other stuff we've done!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


There's a website called Baby Center that I've been checking in on since I first found out I was pregnant. They provide weekly updates of what's going on during each week of your pregnancy and beyond. When you're pregnant and you can't see what's going on (other than seeing your tummy and rear growing), it's cool to read about all the little milestones that your baby inside is likely reaching - he's got distinct fingers now... this week he can taste... now he's 5 inches long, etc, etc. Once he's born, each week you can read about the milestones or challenges that your baby is likely tackling this week.

And since Radar just turned the big old 9 months yesterday, I thought I'd check in to see what amazing things I could expect from him this week and month.

Having trouble reading what that says? Well, the first two paragraphs read...

"Because of separation anxiety, this can be a tough time to be away from your baby for any length of time. But it may also be hard to travel with your baby right now. He's become used to his surroundings and familiar faces, and he likes predictability. So being on the road can disrupt his sense of security and routine, especially when visiting a new place or meeting lots of strangers.

At this age he doesn't grasp the concept of travel, but he'll realize he's in an unfamiliar place. Be ready for some cranky, clingy behavior and prepare plenty of distractions — picture books, noise-making toys, nesting blocks, hand puppets, and definitely his lovey, if he has one. Schedule plenty of downtime away from all the strangers to let him decompress."

Great! You can guess what we're doing tomorrow... that's right, we're getting on an airplane and flying to Philly (with a connection in Atlanta) to go see lots and lots of people that Radar probably won't recognize. Should be an easy trip!! I guess I better try to get some sleep now since it seems we might be in for a long few days.

That, however, in no way dampens my excitement over our trip since we'll be seeing lots of family, friends and even Radar's godfather!

More from on the road...

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - Oh, the title. I suppose that most of you have noticed the feedjit gadget I have over on the sidebar that tells you where in the world people are visiting from... well, it also can tell you how people get to the site. Some people come directly to the site, some come from a link in an e-mail and others find Radar's site through a google search. If you click on the link to give you details, you can even see what the google search was that landed them on Radar's site and if they found the site itself or a specific posting. Well, since I did my "a serious facebook problem" posting a couple of months ago, that has by far been the most commonly googled posting that people have come to the site through.

Anyway, the title of this post was chosen because it turns out that my baby boy is quite the swinger...

... and because I wanted to see how 'swinger' searches stacked up against the 'facebook' searches... on the other hand, maybe I don't want the type of people who would google 'swinger' on my site! Oh well.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy 9 months my moon!

If I could eat the moon with a spoon,
I know it would taste like you.

If every star was a fine tuned guitar,
You'd be all of the songs up there too.

If the great big sun was a big ball of fun,
It would be boring without your light.

And if this spinning earth hadn't seen your birth,
Then nothing would be quite right.

You aren't just my smart, silly, sweet special son,
You're my food and my music and all of my fun.

You aren't just a normal nine month old boy...

You're my everything.

You're my life.

You're my joy!

Happy 9 months Radar... longer on the outside, than on the inside!!!

Buenas noches mi luna!


This sentimental post is brought to you by Wordful Wednesdays!!!