Saturday, September 26, 2009

Baby talk

I've been a bit slack on the blogging front and it has something to do with being sick... of being sick. I had mentioned in some blogs over the last month and a half that I had some sort of bug that I was having trouble kicking. Well, after two rounds of antibiotics and bottles of yummy cough medicine, I finally did kick it and just in time for our trip to Philly last weekend. And what a great weekend we had at Tia Lali's place as she snotted and sneezed her own gross bug all over us. As usual, Radar slurped up all my immunity and was fine... and I succombed! Thanks a bunch Tia Lali!

Anyway, I'm finally emerging again from the dead and I thought I'd just do a quick post about baby talk... Radar's baby talk in particular. Those baby sites say that most babies say "mama" and "dada" by now and that they direct those words to the right parent. Well, Radar only has one parent and he most definitely does not call me by "mama" or "mommy" yet! And it ain't for a lack of brainwashing. Every day I point to myself and to pictures of me and say "mommy" and "mama" over and over again. And Radar does actually say "ma ma ma ma ma ma" when he's upset, but not to me.

But I'm cool with that... it's pretty normal to not yet say your first word at 9 months. Plus, kids in our family tend to talk later... sometimes much later. So I'm good with that. I'm patient. What I'm NOT so cool with is the word that Radar has been babbling over and over for the last few days... What word you ask?

"DA DA."

What the hell is that? Radar doesn't have a dada and no one has been brainwashing him, so why is he saying dada? Then I got to thinking... "Mama" makes sense because it derives from mother or madre... but why dada or daddy for father or padre? So I looked it up and low and behold, what I found is that the origin is not at all clear, it is nearly universal and is thought to derive from infantile or childish speech! So you want to hear my take on it?

"Dada" originated in infantile or childish speech! It's just something easy for babies to say, so even if they aren't being prompted constantly, the sound is one of the early ones they make. And dads, feeling very slighted by all the "mama" talk, simply took dada for themselves. It's just a theory, but it could possibly explain why a baby with no daddy around, who isn't being constantly prompted to say "dada", is saying it anyway. It's just natural baby talk... or maybe he thinks this guys is his daddy?

Ok, that's it for today. I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of Radar before and after the haircut I gave him over the last two days (yes it took two days)!!!




Thank goodness Radar is too young to know that his mommy just gave him a dorky, crooked bowl haircut! Poor kid!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

Enough already!


Lali said...

I am very very sorry I got you sick. In fact I am very sorry that I was sick, a little more, but I am selfish that way.
That is a pretty bad haircut too, but Radar is rocking it!

So much love!!!
Loved your visit!!!

Mrs. Mother said...

He is adorable. I think the haircut makes him look like a little man. I agree about the dada thing. My nephew also doesn't have a daddy, but he said dada quite frequently. I'm pretty sure he said it before mama, too.

Tia Sara said...

You should have asked Tia Lali to give Radar a haircut in Philly. I think it would have taken less time and come out better. She is talented that way :)

Cousin Laurie said...

Hey at least he doesn't look like a Beatle. When I used to cut Alec's he had so much hair he looked like one. Once he could sit still for more than 2 1/2 minutes he was at the barber so fast! To this day I still threaten him with the "bowl cut" when he won't brush his long hair!

Marco said...

At least your cuts are all straight, my goodness you should have seen the hatchet job I gave X with the electric clippers! How hard / bad could it be, I thought? (Answer: Eeeeeeeeek!). At least kids that age are adorably cute even with bad haircuts, thankfully I never tried it on Frank.