Monday, September 28, 2009

The diaper wars!

Thank you all for your generous comments (and sage advice Tia Sara) on Radar's haircut. As it turns out, Radar's head is a bit like that small piece of cake that you cut for yourself... then you notice you didn't cut it quite straight, so you cut a little more to even it off... and a little more... until the cake is nearly gone! It turns out that there was a day three to the haircut... I just couldn't help myself and now poor Radar is pretty thin up top!!! Oh well, he should get used to it... it's gonna end up that way in 20 years anyway.

But today's topic is related not to Radar's head, but to his other end. I've mentioned before that Radar loves naked time. Up until now though, I've been lucky enough to control naked time. Well, on Saturday, Radar started to take control. After a poopy diaper change, I put him in his play area for a few minutes while I went upstairs to get him a onsie for a pajama. Maybe I was gone for 4 minutes, but I don't think it was that long. When I got back, I found a naked baby, swinging his diaper like a lasso and sitting in a sizable puddle of pee with a giant grin on his face!!! Oh boy!

So there's that... and then there's the diaper changing itself. For the last month of so it's become a bigger struggle to change diapers because Radar can flip, turn, squirm, etc so well now and he doesn't think to stop all that just because I'm changing his diaper. But over the last few days (maybe with the fresh memory of the diaper liberation in mind), it's taken on a whole new life. Now diaper changes are accompanied by violent kicks, angry screaming and crying, full body twisting and turning... in short, it is really, really difficult to change Radar's diaper... especially when we're talking poop!

In the last few poop changes, either one (or a few) of my fingers or one of Radar's feet has gone full submersion into said poop. I try distracting him with toys (one of which also ended up grazing the poop) or singing or peek-a-boo... nothing doing!!! And since he's been having a touch of diaper rash, applying diaper rash cream only adds another complication and I usually come out of the battle with zinc oxide smeared all over my hands and surrounding areas. The only luck I've had over these last few days is to catch him while he's still sleeping!

So, as you see, I am losing the diaper wars. Any advice??? (I'm not so sure I want Marco or Frank's advice since during our weekend in Philadelphia, their son Xavier spent 90% of the time dancing around the apartment in pure form himself!!!)

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - I don't have diaper war pictures to show you since my hands are totally occupied during these battles, so I thought I'd just share a sequence of a game we play.

Radar strews his things all over the floor.

I pick them up and neatly place them on shelves.

Radar fixes thing again within a minute or two!!

PSS - Oh, and just because I thought this picture was cute of my little overall'd monkey looking out the window!
PSSS - Did anyone else notice that we here at Radar Love just silently slipped past the 20k mark on hits! Wow!!


Lali said...

I was already having trouble changing Radar's diaper when he was in Philly. He definitely won a few battles, including when he peed all over my sofa and all over my pants (that you were wearing).

Now I understand you are seeking fellow mother's advice and not babyless me but I am going to promote my new diaper method. You laughed at me when I was carrying him and wiping and re-diapering but unless he pees on you, this is the way to go. He wiggles around too much if you let him lay down... but if you one hand hug and one hand change then it is somewhat manageable.

Anyhoo, he is perfect so you do realize that you are doing something wrong and he is doing everything right.. Right?

So so so much love!!

Lali said...

BTW, he looks so cute with his haircut. He can pull it off. I think it is very... very Punk baby. I am sure that is a style...

And I love the picture of him starring out onto the deck!

The Floyd Family said...

Oh so you get to play the diaper war game too eh? I thought I was the only one who couldn't control her child while changing her diaper. She gets really angry in the morning when I change her diaper after she wakes up. She gets mad I lay her down again and starts to scream bloody murder. I wish I had advice for you but unfortunately I just engage in the famous wrestling match and sometimes she will surprise me and engage with a toy.

I laughed at Radar "cleaning up". Sometimes I wonder why I even pick up the house because it just gets messed up again in a matter of minutes. Why waste time? I guess its because we love these kiddo's soo much.

I see he is walking all by himself now....YEAH RADAR!

P.S. that haircut was pretty bad but I didn't want to say anything. The 3rd time is the charm:) Hugs from the Floyd gang

TaraMac said...

OH MY GOSH...he is sooo cute!!

Alex & I are fighting the iaper wars, too. I am a veteran, but it hasn't gotten any easier! Honestly, if I can't distract him with goofy noises, singing (which may also fall under the title of goofy noises), or toys, I have resorted to pinning his arms down with my legs, keeping a firm grip on his legs, going as fast as I can, and hoping for the best.

Sorry, that's the best I've got.

Laura S. said...

My nephew was a classic fighter. A big boy - he was hard to control. So I resorted to doing diaper changes on the floor with my leg resting on top of him. If the floor wasn't an option, I used my forearm and held his feet at the same time. He's since grown out of the battle - especially when I could change him while he was standing up. Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

Luca is also a wrestler when it comes to diaper changes. My trick? I sing him this silly song changing the intonation of my voice from a high picth to a loowwww pitch which makes him laugh and that distracts him long enough to let me change him without too much ado.


Anonymous said...

I can't really remember chaning diappers ever being that hard , now come to think about it, neither was feeding them, bathing them, changing their clothes, taking care of them while their were sick. Sorry, love Rafa

Anonymous said...