Tuesday, September 1, 2009

From a long, long time ago

For those of you that never got the chance to see the pictures that Vivi posted on facebook* of their first meeting with Radar on July 15th, I thought I'd post a few of my favorites. Now, I realize that these are pretty dated... in fact, proportionally, this would be like me posting pictures of myself from more than 7 years ago... (actually, the oldest digital pictures I could find of me were from my 2003 Grand Canyon trip - only 6 years ago and I don't even recognize the fit and sexy lady in the picture! And where are my boobs?)

Never the less, I'm posting these ancient pictures of Radar because they are so darn cute (especially the one with him and big Vivi). Notice how he changes his expression in every picture to match his companion... so young and already with some social smarts!!

Incidentally, there wasn't a picture of Radar with little Vivi because she's not very fond of babies (even though she told me that I have the CUTEST baby in the world... of course she only said that to manipulate me into making her a special grilled cheese sandwich... oh, and I happen to think that she's the cutest young lady in the world!!!)

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

*pictures stolen without permission from Vivi's facebook page - sorry!


Dardo said...

Yeah, in relative terms, if you post a picture of Radar one hour after it was taken, that's like you posting a picture of yourself two days after you take it. If you wait one day on a picture of Radar, it's like waiting almost months for you picture.

Stefan said...

Interesting that your post leading with a picture from you almost skinny 6 years ago had only 1 comment after 4 days ( I guess that's a record low).... your family and friends are so nice... ;)