Sunday, September 20, 2009


I don't know why I always think that vacation will afford me more time to blog... it seems to always be just the opposite. We cram so much fun into these family reunion weekend vacations and two days later when I sit down to try to summarizing it, I realize that putting it all into one post is impossible. So I have to pick one general theme to blog about today and of all the things that we've done, there's one that seems to rise above the rest and it has to do with interchangeability.

See, I'm sure all of you remember that my cousin Rafael is in Iraq for a year. It's the first assignment in his 16 year of service where he's been separated from his family. That's a hardship... but luckily, he isn't the only Rafael in the family. There's one other... my Radar!!! And since cousin Rafael went to Iraq, this is the first time that my Rafael has seen the other Rafael's wife and kids... And how did it go?

My Rafa reading bedtime stories to the kids...

My Rafa playing catch with "his" son Pepe...

... and of course, My Rafa romancing "his" sweetheart!!!

Seems to me that the two Rafaels are practically interchangeable!!!!

Not to say that we don't miss you Rafa, but I hope that you can rest at ease knowing that your Tocayo was able to pinch hit for you for at least one weekend!!!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - I'll post other random pictures later tonight or tomorrow morning of all the other stuff we've done!!!


Anonymous said...

I love it, only thing is that I wished I could be there. All is well in Iraq, today it was cooler - high of 108F. Take care Rafa

Antonio said...

I completely agree with you Titi. I thought I was going to have a lot of time time to do some posts when I went to Venezuela, and that idea quickly went out the window!
Glad you had fun, things are also pretty good on my side. It has indeed been cooler (on the low 100's) but it rained a couple nights ago, so now it's just plain humid outside.
Un abrazo,

Anonymous said...

Titi: Did you get my mail about going to the US for Thanksgiving?