Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mean, Green, Pooping machine

Wow... who knew that so many moms (and Tias) were fighting the diaper wars... and losing! At least now I know that I'm not alone and that my efforts, from the ridiculous songs to the outright wrestling matches, are just typical old mommy stuff. I don't mean to dis fathers by calling diaper changing "mommy" stuff, but I think that Rafa's comment illustrates that in general - at least with this particular blogging audience, I'm reasonably safe in making that stereotypical generalization. Unless I misunderstood your comment Rafa and you just have two perfect children or a very poor memory, in which case I apologize profusely!

So for now, I guess I'll concede that the mean, green pooping machine is going to set the rules on how easy or hard diaper changes will be... plus, would you mess with this guy?

Also, I thought I'd give a quick update on the walking front since Radar will be 9 month and 2 weeks tomorrow, and that puts us just one week away from the first guess on the sidebar (Abuelita's guess) for first steps. Radar can stand unassisted for 5 to 10 seconds if he's got a wide enough stance, but he just isn't interested in turning that into walking because by simply dropping to his knees, he can cover ground in record speed (I actually have to trot now to stay up with him... he crawl runs)!! I still think it will happen soon, but who's to know when Mr. Radar Independus will make the decision to try... and really, I think that's all it is... deciding to do it. Maybe he'll skip walking and go directly to running. That might fit his personality.

I'll try to get some standing pictures tomorrow. For tonight I'll just leave you with a not quite so mean, but just as green, pooping machine picture.

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


Abuela said...

What do you mean,"WIDE STANCE"?