Sunday, September 13, 2009

Shoes not required

Most experts will tell you that when your baby is learning to walk, barefoot is best!
They say that your baby can grip and feel the ground beneath him best that way.
And this baby generally agrees.

But there are exceptions to every rule.

Like when you're going out to the wet, buggy grass and when shoes aren't really shoes...

... but rather soft leather moccasins that your Tia Lali gave you,
that are crazy comfortable
and crazy cute.
And of course you all know how fond we are of frogs around here.

So take THAT experts!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

ps - For those of you that think that I'm overly sentimental about my "pets", like Sammy the snake and Frankie the frog, I promise that that sentimentality does not apply to every creature that makes its way into our home and yard. For example, while we were doing the photo shoot outside by the canon, I noticed another pet hanging just above Radar's head. This pet didn't bother us... he was busy building a home for his family.

... and despite that, I'm going to the market today to buy some wasp killing poison and I'm sending this pet onto the nether world without a second thought or hint of remorse!


Lali said...

1) I hate hate hate wasps... One stung me while at Marco house a few weeks ago and it was very painful and unpleasant. So I agree, kill it.

2) OMG OMG I love love love the froggy shoes. So happy he is enjoying them. Yah!!!!

Lali said...

I tried to click to enlarge the pictures and that is not working. So the options are have a little picture of Radar as my background or stretch the picture and have a blurry Radar... are these loaded to Winkflash or google picts? I need this to be my background!!!

Anonymous said...

Wasp Murder!!!!!

The Science Pundit said...

I'll be repoting you to PETA!

Mrs. Mother said...

He is so cute. I love the shoes. I hate wasps, too. A little boy I know was stung by one and wound up in the hospital with an allergic reaction, which was totally different than a normal one. The venom from the wasp sting caused the skin on his arm to die. He lost several layers of skin, and if the meds the doctors had given him hadn't worked when they did, he would have lost muscle, too. I had never heard of a reaction like that, and his mom said it was very rare. Anyway, I think it's great you're going to get rid of them.