Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Standing report

Mom... what I mean by a wide stance is this... I hope you weren't alluding to something lewd!

So Radar can stand, but as I mentioned yesterday, when it comes to taking a step, he just says no thank you!

Oh well.

Nothing much to report today except that I went and registered to be an extra on an episode of "Ugly Betty" that is being filmed here next week. If they happen to call me, I'll definitely take camera and kid to try to get some good pictures for the blog... Geez, what we bloggers won't do for our 21 followers!!!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


Lali said...

Ugly Betty! So cool!

I like idea of the crawl run, I am impressed. Skipping walking to go from crawling to running would be cool.

He is so darn cute with splits stand.

I love him so so so so much!

Dardo said...

Did you sign up yourself for Ugly Betty, or yourself AND Radar? This could be his big break and the best thing to ever happen to him! Child actors always grow up to be happy, well-adjusted productive members of society.

Angela said...

good for u,Titi...

if you be Elected, and be part of this,,, YO LO VEIA EN COLOMBIA,, BETTY LA FEA. TE DOY MI BOTO,,,,



Jenna said...

Way to go big boy!!!It so cool watching all that you are doing these days

Little M and Baby G said...

He's such a good stander! Radar is the 2nd most adorable baby I know - if only via the web. (sorry, but a mommy's got to vote her own babe in to 1st place)