Saturday, October 3, 2009

Another big first!

I know that the next big "first" for Radar that we've all been waiting for are his first unassisted steps... We're just a few days away from reaching Abuelita's guess and even though it's just a few days, I still think she's got a shot at it. Radar was cruising along the coffee table today and I put my arms out and he let go and stood looking at my hands for a couple seconds before grabbing the coffee table again... I could see him "thinking" about giving it a shot - but today he chickened out.

Anyway, over the last couple of days, Radar has had a couple of one on one play dates with a couple of his buddies. Yesterday it was Omar.

They read a couple of books....

... had a couple of drinks and then called it a day.

Then today it was a play date with his other buddy, Jack. And this is where the other big first comes into the story. Was this the first time that Radar stole Jack's toys, switching toys as quick as we could get a new toy to Jack? No!

Was it the first time that Radar got jealous and tried to dump Jack out of his bouncer so that he could have it? Well, yeah, I guess that was a first... but by no means was that the "big" one that I'm talking about. The big one came into play while Radar was doing his run-crawl all over the place (not a first) and in his hyper-active frenzy tripped over his hands (not a first) and....

... landed on his nose to achieve his very FIRST BLOODY NOSE!!!!!

As you can see, he pretty much took it in stride! Way to go Radar... I hope your next first is a bit less traumatic (for mommy)!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar


The Floyd Family said...

Ohh Buddy:( They say these things happen but it doesn't make it any easier on us mommies!

Viviana said...

Always is scared to see them with blood but that will happend again and the best thing is always stay calm no matter how bad is can be. Big hug and a lot of love.

Lali said...

Oh no!!!! Poor Radar!!! I gasped when I saw the picture. Is he ok? Did it stop quickly?


He is so darn perfect.. bloody nose and all.