Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fanny can't outdo this...

I've gotten lots of e-mails with pictures of dogs in Halloween costumes.  I normally flip through them pretty quickly and smile at a few.  And I really enjoy perusing Target every year to see what new costumes they have for dogs.  Alligator, lobster, banana, etc.  But that isn't what makes Halloween great and it certainly isn't the Halloween I grew up with.  

I don't know where our old Halloween pictures are, but some day soon I'll dig them up and show you how Abuelita made Halloween awesome for us growing up.  Our costumes were hand made and creative.  One of my favorite Halloween stories is about the year that the Science Pundit was the Raven (from Poe's poem).  My mom had him decked out in black feathers, beak and body... the body was a box that she'd painted black and in white gothic letters she had painted the word... "Nevermore"!   So the Science Pundit, who was 10 years old or so, goes door to door for his candy.  At one house, a lady answers the door and says, "oh my!  Look at this!  It's a crow!"  The Science Pundit, who at the ripe young age of 10 had already developed his misplaced intellectual arrogance answered with as much snottiness as he could muster... "I'm not a crow!  I'm the Raven from Edgar Allen Poe!  Don't you see the 'Nevermore'?"  

Ahhhhhh Halloween!  I promise that next year I won't take the easy way out.  I'll stay away from the store shelves and get back to the heart of what makes Halloween so much fun.  And I'll try to be creative.  I'll try to come up with something for Radar and Fanny that gets a laugh... but no matter how hard I try, I don't think I'll be able to outdo this costume that I just saw on the internet.  I mean, come on... Octopug?  Fanny can't outdo that!

Lots of love,
Titi and Radar

PS - Tio Dardo... got the message.  Footage of Radar standing.  The problem is that now that he understands that I want him to stand, he won't do it.  If I hold his hands and ask him to stand, he lets his legs and head go limp and flops back or swings in place.  If he's minding his own business and doesn't realize I'm watching and if in a moment like that I can grab the camera without him realizing that I'm shooting or filming him, then maybe.  Grammy is coming tomorrow, so maybe together we can conspire to get some footage.   Where did Radar get this stubborn streak?


Marco said...

Wow, that pug really nailed the mystique of that Nadya Suleman woman! I think if you want to do a fabulous home crafted costume you have to start preparing in late August. There's always a happy medium where you add authentic touches to store bought costumes. Last year Xavi was a cowboy with purchased chaps, vest and sheriff star, but then I borrowed Pop's huge 10 gallon hat. Adorably fabulous. This year I'm trying to be more crafty, but I'm still running around like a decapitated chicken trying to figure pieces of it out.

The Science Pundit said...

OK, who the heck (who's older than 9) hasn't heard Poe's The Raven? I mean, Come on!

Anonymous said...

Quote the duck:

"What a shmuck!"